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   Chapter 1030 Demon Race From The Demon Abyss World

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"Is he really so strong?"

Austin was startled as he waited for the answer.

The shadow didn't reply. He held out his hand and opened his palm to show Austin something.

Instantly, three strands of black smoke came out floating from his palm, twisting and struggling. Just before Austin's eyes, they turned into three demon faces.

"Who are you? How dare you detain my demonic spiritual soul! I will not let you off the hook so easily!

Our army will rise from the Demon Abyss World and return to the Prime Martial World very soon! All low creatures like you, all the humans will perish!"

The three phantasmagoric faces were howling in rage.

"Black Demon Imperator!!"

Austin said with a shock running across his body.

"These three strands of demonic spiritual soul ran from three demon's messengers you killed, and they happened to run into me,"

the shadow explained.

'They must have come with those three cultivators of the Tribulation Realm from the Heaven Palace, ' Austin thought.

"Each demonic spiritual soul of a demon is an avatar, and the Black Demon Imperator has at least hundreds of these demonic spiritual souls. That's how it controls the demon's messengers."

The shadow continued to explain it all to Austin.

It started to make sense to Austin now.

"These three demonic spiritual souls were at the third stage.

Yet their powers were tantamount to the spiritual sense of cultivators of the Tribulation Realm.

You should activate your spiritual sense for a try."

The shadow encouraged Austin.

'At the third stage?'

Austin was in a trance for a minute. He spent a moment thinking about it. Then he unleashed his spiritual sense towards those three demon faces.

"Ha-ha young man! You asked for it!"

The three phantasmagoric faces laughed. A queer force exuding an energy that could cause horrifying rampage came out of those faces and clashed with Austin's spiritual sense.


The three demon faces screamed in pain. They started trembling and grew dimmer.

They were hit quite badly by that clash.

'The power of each face is tantamount to the spiritual sense of cultivators with the cultivation base of the Tribulation Realm!' The words said by the shadow echoed in Austin's mind.

Although his spiritual sense gained the upper hand against the demon faces, there was no sign of joy or a gentle smile of victory on his face, after the clash.

The Black Demon Imperator had hundreds of avatars. And clearly none of them was les

oughts were occupied by the force and strength of the demon race and their imperator, Austin had a bitter smile on his face.

"Hundreds of years have passed and you have been the first one to see and talk with me. That's strange! I believe there is a special connection between us.

With the return of the demon race, the Prime Martial World will be involved in a war soon. So, please take care of yourself.

I have to notify some of my old fellows to see if we can stop the demon race this time. Hope we are not too late,"

the shadow spoke with worry and seemed to hasten to leave.

"Sir, may I know your name, please?"

Austin grew curious and asked before the shadow would leave him.

"You don't need to know it as of now. If I am right about the connection between us, then you will soon find out.

I can feel that you have some good qualities. And your luck, gift of talent and comprehension abilities are all the best ones to be found in any individual.

Before I leave, I will give you a present. Treat it as a token of our friendship. Put some thought to it, and maybe you will be able to help restore our lost glory."

The shadow waved his hand and a strand of light shot directly into Austin's Soul Sea through his spiritual sense.

Before Austin could understand anything or utter a word, the shadow faded until he couldn't be seen anymore. He was gone!

Soon after he had left, Austin checked his Soul Sea. He wondered what the shadow had presented him. He found a scroll.

When Austin realized what it was, he was bewildered. He was surprised to have received the present from the shadow. It was a scripture called the Earth Formula.

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