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   Chapter 1029 I'm Your Senior

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Is that so? I'm flattered."

Austin said.

"I meant what I said.

Austin, honestly, you have immense talent for comprehending the array. If you study the method of the array, your achievement will exceed mine in the future."

Fanny's grandfather looked at Austin with excitement.

Suddenly, he thought of asking Austin to be his disciple.

It was hard to find a great master.

However, it was harder to find a talented disciple.

When Fanny's grandfather was talking with Austin about the array, he noticed that Austin absorbed all the knowledge about the array easily.

Not only did Austin comprehend it, but he also drew inferences about other cases from one instance and raised many meaningful questions.

His curiosity satisfied Fanny's grandfather and reassured him that Austin was truly gifted.

"Austin would you like to learn the method of the array from me?"

The old man's eyes lit up when he made the offer.

"Learn the method of the array from you?"

Austin hesitated.

"Austin, don't underestimate array deployment. A great array expert is as coveted as a pill refiner.

Today, you witnessed the power of the Eighteen Arhats Array.

A powerful array can sometimes be stronger than an army!

Indeed, I dare not call myself a expert since I have only learned the most basic things about array deployment.

However, any sect in the South Continent of the Prime Martial World will worship me even though I have only a little knowledge about arrays."

Fanny's grandfather assumed that Austin hesitated because he didn't think very highly of arrays. And so, he spoke sternly with Austin.

Perhaps a part of him had been offended since it appeared as though Austin did not want to learn about arrays from him.

"Ha-ha, you misunderstood me. I do not underestimate the power or significance of arrays.

On the contrary, I am thrilled that you are willing to teach me about the arrays. If your offer is genuine, then I will be delighted to learn from you.

However, I am afraid that you will be angry if I am too stupid to understand your teachings,"

Austin said after quickly considering the situation.

He knew that array experts were in high demand among the sects,

something similar.

"Humph, misunderstanding?

I have seen two demon's messengers today,"

that figure said in a cold voice.

"Demon's messengers!"

Austin suddenly remembered how a shadowy face appeared each time he killed a Heaven Palace master at the Tribulation Realm several days ago. He also recalled that the mysterious face called himself the Black Demon Imperator.

Were the Tribulation Realm masters from Heaven Palace messengers of this Black Demon Imperator?

"Sir, have you heard of the Black Demon Imperator?"

Austin asked tentatively.

"Black Demon Imperator!

Son, where did you hear this name?"

shouted the figure after he heard what Austin said. He seemed to be very agitated.

Then Austin told him what happened when he killed the Heaven Palace masters at the Tribulation Realm.

The figure fell silent after Austin shared his experience.

"It was him. It looks like he plans to return to the Prime Martial World.

Son, you killed his messengers. He will undoubtedly come for you.

You should be ready, or you will suffer."

The figure warned Austin.

"Sir, is the Black Demon Imperator really that powerful?"

Austin asked.

"Ha-ha-ha. Son, I can tell that you have many tricks and exceptional methods of fighting. I guess you have been lucky enough to have many special encounters.

However, the Black Demon Imperator could kill hundreds of thousands of cultivators like you in one breath,"

the figure teased Austin.

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