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   Chapter 1028 You Have Talent

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The second Fanny's grandfather called out, a sudden loud noise appeared.


Austin was surprised to see ivory fog appear above one of the eighteen mountains at the Heaven Pavilion Sect's headquarters. In a flash, the mist coalesced to form a white giant, over three thousand meters high.

Dressed in armor, the giant resembled a soldier. He carried a long spear in his hand, and a sword hung from his belt. His facial features were even and clear.

Before Austin could speak, the giant held up the long spear. The spear's metallic tip sparkled dazzling white light in the sunlight.

The white spear, which was several hundred meters long, flew from the soldier's hand and turned into a long white dragon

as it headed for the trapped members of Heaven Palace.


The dragon roared before it turned back into the spear and landed on the ground. In the next instant, the earth began shaking fiercely.

"Ah!" "Run!"

Everyone shrieked with fear as they ran for their lives, but their efforts were in vain. In a split second, the members closest to the long spear exploded. Blood and body parts rained down around the members who were not affected.

"What should we do now? Many of our companions have died!"

"Please help us! We don't want to die! Please get us out of here!"

The surviving members of Heaven Palace were frightened to the core. They screamed incoherently as they ran for shelter.

"Calm down! Let's gather in one place!

I'm working on the array. I will transport you out of here as soon as possible,"

said the elder who was dressed in black. He and the other two Tribulation Realm cultivators activated their vital energy force and threw attacks at the array enveloping them. However, no matter how hard they tried, nothing changed.

Although the elder in black seemed calm and comforted his subordinates, he was getting anxious and worried as well. He didn't know how to escape this dilemma.

"You will regret what you have done to us! The Heaven Palace will kill everyone from the Heaven Pavilion Sect in the near future. You will see!

The only way to avoid our wrath is to remove the array and apologize. If your apology is sincere, I will accept it and not pursue the matter. Better hurry! You will not get another chance if I change my mind,"

the elder dressed in black yelled

red from his shock.

The others came to as well.

Then, cheers broke the silence.

At the Heaven Pavilion Sect's headquarters, everyone was rejoicing and celebrating the victory. Their ecstasy filled the air.

After a while, the cheering stopped, but everyone was still grinning.

Then Austin asked the Sect Supremo to arrange for disciples from the Heaven Pavilion Sect to clean the place.

After that, Austin followed Fanny's grandfather to each of the eighteen mountains and learned how the array worked in every mountain.

Now, Austin was intrigued by the Eighteen Arhats Array.

Fanny's grandfather was glad to share his knowledge about the arrays with Austin.

With a big grin, he shared basic information about the arrays as he walked with Austin.

After Austin's spiritual soul fused with the spiritual tree, his spiritual sense made a huge breakthrough. Naturally, Austin's soul could comprehend everything more quickly.

Delight filled Austin as everything seemed easier to understand than before.

After listening to the explanations, Austin had a rough idea of how the arrays worked. Soon, his curiosity led Austin to ask Fanny's grandfather many questions about the arrays.

Fanny's grandfather looked at Austin in disbelief.

"Austin, you really surprise me! It only took you half a day to understand everything.

I have to admit that you have a talent for learning about arrays.

Although I only shared basic knowledge with you, it took me half a month to understand it when I was a student. You are so gifted, Austin!"

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