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   Chapter 1027 The Power Of The Array

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Hearing Austin's order, all the people of the Heaven Pavilion Sect stepped back. They were in a bid to enter the gates quickly.

"Ha-ha! Are you afraid now? It' too late!"

a tall, thin man said with a smirk blatant on his face.

He was one of the three masters of the Tribulation Realm from the Heaven Palace.

"Something is wrong," the elder in black spoke, petrified at the situation at hand.

'They are retreating in an orderly manner. All of them look calm. If they sensed danger, they should have been terrified and flustered. What's going on?' he wondered, squinting his eyes alertly.

"Be assured, sir. It does not matter what they are up to. It isn't going to work. We're far stronger than them,"

a Tribulation Realm cultivator said to the old man in black.

"You're right. I don't think they can get away," the elder in black responded after thinking for a while. There was a fierce look in his eyes.

He moved forward and dashed through the gates to hunt Austin.

Standing at the back with his team, Austin saw three masters of the Tribulation Realm of the Heaven Palace approaching rapidly.

The elder in black took the lead as he rushed forward.

Austin activated his Demon-creating Skill to attack the old man in order to slow him down. At the same time, he shot twenty Spiritual Sense Flying Spears at him too.

The old man suddenly felt a spiritual demon and twenty spears break into his Soul Sea. Terrified, he used his spiritual sense to protect his spiritual soul.

'He is only at the preliminary stage of Astral Realm.

Then, how come his spiritual sense is so powerful?' he wondered.

He kept staring at Austin warily. The defiant look, which was there earlier on his face, disappeared.

The change had happened because he detected that the lad's spiritual sense was far stronger than his.

Meanwhile, Austin waved his Lightning Sword. A dozen streaks of aggressive thunderbolt sword aura were released and they rushed towards the people of the Heaven Palace.

Shrill screams resounded.

Hit by the

en Palace who had been stuck in the fog.'

"This Eighteen Arhats Array is amazing!"

Austin remarked.

He could see what it did to those people of the Heaven Palace.

Wherever they went or moved to, they ended up just where they had been.

They were unable to flee from the array.

They were running around aimlessly, beads of sweat forming on their forehead. They were getting exhausted and fearful.

Even the three masters of the Tribulation Realm failed to find a way out. They even tried to fly in different directions but it was all in vain.

The Eighteen Arhats Array was far more powerful than what Austin had imagined.

'It even can trap the masters of the Tribulation Realm, ' he thought with delight.

"This array does play a good job in trapping people.

Now I'd like to see how it performs when it comes to attacking people,"

Austin said, with a smile on his face.

"Sure. I'm on it now," Fanny's grandfather replied with thrill visible all over his face.

He dashed towards a desk made of superior vital energy crystals.

He cast several spells, while he kept throwing many colorful array flags into the air.

"Attack!" Fanny's grandfather said.

Austin and Fanny's grandfather looked ahead eagerly to see what the array would do to the people stuck in it. They were anxious to see the power of the Eighteen Arhats Array.

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