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   Chapter 1027 Don't Count Anymore

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Austin used his spiritual sense to find where Fanny's old grandfather was as soon as he heard that people from the Heaven Palace were approaching.

'Sir, how long will you spend in deploying that array?'

Austin transmitted a message by using his spiritual sense.

'I have some procedures to do at the end. If there are no accidents, I should be able to finish it in fifteen minutes.

You talk to the team of the Heaven Palace to buy me more time. I will finish deploying the array as soon as possible, '

Fanny's grandfather replied in a hurry. It was evident that he was extremely busy deploying the array from the way he answered.

'Well, I don't even know the power of the Eighteen Arhats Array. Let me see this time, '

Austin thought to himself as he performed the Thunderbolt Movement Skill and moved his body towards the mountain gate.

At the same time, he sent a message to his servants by using his spiritual sense.

At that very moment, innumerable warriors emerged from the eighteen mountains, followed Austin and landed in front of the mountain gate of the Heaven Pavilion Sect.

Behind Austin, the Sect Supremo and over thirty warriors at the Astral Realm of the Heaven Pavilion Sect and more than ten warriors at the Astral Realm of the Wolf Gang stood in the well-defined line.

And then warriors whose cultivation base was the Master Realm or the Imperial Realm followed them gradually.

Austin led this whole procession taking the lead role.

His hands were clasped behind his back. He remained calm for his role as a leader.

"Here they come!"

Austin finally changed his expression after a while.

Using his spiritual sense, he figured out that a big team was rushing to the headquarters of the Heaven Pavilion Sect seven thousand or eight thousand meters away.

Many figures flew in the sky, just like millions of insects over your head. After they had passed by, you could feel that the air around you was vibrating.

"Look at their team. It seems that this time, the Heaven Palace is determined to destroy the Heaven Pavilion Sect completely."

Austin heaved a sigh as he sensed their power.

After a while, he could see from the horizon that many people were approaching with lightning speed. The number of them was a few thousand or so.

A man in black and two middle-aged men, who had extremely strong power, flew right in front and led the army of thousands.

Austin sensed their vital energy force they displayed and he found that

they were warriors at the Tribulation Realm.

Two of them were just in the medium stage of Tri

sound echoed in the Heaven Pavilion Sect.

'Oh, it has been finished eventually.'

A smile brightened up Austin's face.

"I think you don't need to count anymore.

I tell you what I choose. It is impossible for us to beg for your mercy,"

Austin said in a cold tone as he gazed at the old warrior in black. He looked really cruel at this point.

"What a rude brat! How dare you challenge me like that and boast standing in front of me?"

They were gritting their teeth in fury after hearing what Austin had said.

"Well, in that case, I will destroy the Heaven Pavilion Sect at once. It is just a matter of few seconds. You won't even be able to see your end coming.

Follow me! Everyone fights at the same time on my cue. Turn the Heaven Pavilion Sect into dust. Nobody from the opponent sect should stand straight after the battle,"

the old warrior in black shouted out as he waved his hands.

At that moment, more than one thousand warrior, who were standing behind him, burst out all their vital energy forces and rushed to the headquarters of the Heaven Pavilion Sect. They were ready to fight.

The old warrior in black rushed himself to the Sect Supremo directly. It was his prey.

He was able to realize that the Sect Supremo had the highest cultivation base of vital energy among everyone present there.

He thought that if he defeated the Sect Supremo, it would be a cakewalk to defeat the rest of them soon.

"Go back as quickly as you can and stay inside the mountain gate, every one! Now!"

Austin gave the order at once.

The Eighteen Arhats Array could protect the whole headquarters of the Heaven Pavilion Sect. They would be safe as long as they stayed inside the headquarters.

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