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   Chapter 1026 People Of The Heaven Palace Finally Come

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"Who are you, sir?" Austin asked.

Austin's spiritual senses tried to approach that flimsy figure. He sent out a voice through the spiritual sense prudently.

Suddenly the figure shook his hand slightly.

Austin realized that his spiritual sense was touching a hard surface, like a wall. It couldn't move forward any longer, however hard he tried.

It was obvious that the figure didn't want Austin's spiritual sense to have a close look at him.

"I'm surprised that there is someone still knowing the Eighteen Arhats Array which was only in use hundreds of years ago!"

said the figure gently with a sigh.

"Can you recognize the Eighteen Arhats Array?"

Austin was taken aback when the figure spoke about the Array.

"Of course!

I'm the one who arranged the eighteen peaks here. I know this place like the back of my hand."

That man informed Austin about it with a sneer.

Hearing it, Austin was shocked.

He wondered how it was possible for this man to set up those eighteen mountains, which were in the charge of the Heaven Pavilion Sect.

'Were these mountains made by humans instead of nature?'

Austin didn't think it was possible.

"But that old man knows very little about the Eighteen Arhats Array and he has wrongly understood it.

The array he set up is a complete mess!"

spoke the man in a disdainful tone.

'Did Fanny's grandfather set up the array in a wrong way?'

Austin was stunned as he thought over it.

"Then, what is the right way to arrange the Eighteen Arhats Array? You sound like you are familiar with it. Can you tell me, sir?" Austin asked.

The man had intrigued Austin. He wanted to know the facts.

"So, do you want to know?"

The man asked Austin after thinking for a while.

"Yes, sir. As of now, the Triangle Zone is in a state of turmoil, and the Heaven Palace will attack here soon. It will become a wasteland without the Eighteen Arhats Array guarding it."

Austin gave that man a quick idea about what was happening in the Triangle Zone.

The man stood still for a long time after hearing it all.

"It is inevitable to see blood and death once the demon race returns to the Prime Martial World.

Perhaps, this is destined to happen.

Young man, the Heaven Palace is not as simple as it looks. Even with the protection of the Eighteen Arhats Array, this place is still likely to end up in ruins.

Well, it's not a big deal to tell you about the Eighteen Arhats Array."

The moment the man finished talking, Austin felt a message had

ure we'll discuss it later. I'll go fix this array first."

Fanny's grandfather was very excited and left quickly to set up the array.

'Study arrays?'

Austin had never thought about it before. He considered it for a moment. As he thought about it for some time, he felt that it would be useful to learn arrays for self-defense.

"Master, we finally made it here."

While Austin was lost in his thoughts, the leader of the Wolf Gang and its members showed up in front of Austin and greeted him respectfully.

"Well, you must be tired from the journey. From now on, the Heaven Pavilion Sect and the Wolf Gang shall be integrated into one. Ricco will be the chief and you will be the deputy chief. What do you think about that?"

Austin slowly announced it to the team.

"I'll obey all your decisions."

The chief of the Wolf Gang had already expected this.

The Heaven Pavilion Sect was far stronger than the Wolf Gang. It was clear that it would benefit the Wolf Gang to be incorporated into the Heaven Pavilion Sect.

"Good to hear that. Well, go ahead and show your members where they shall stay."

Austin nodded his head signaling them that they could leave.

The chief of the Wolf Gang led the members and helped them to settle down.

Austin walked around to while away his time.

"Master, our men found a large group of people heading towards the Heaven Pavilion Sect.

They seem to be from the Heaven Palace!"

The voice of the Sect Supreme came into Austin's Soul Sea suddenly.


It looks like those people of the Heaven Palace finally have come for us,"

Austin murmured to himself, looking ahead, in the direction of the horizon.

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