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   Chapter 1024 The Figure Under The Ground

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In the secret chamber, Austin took out one thousand divine vital energy crystals and then released his spiritual tree to absorb their energy.

A few hours later, the process was completed.

As a result, Austin's spiritual sense was now even stronger than before.

The area of the lake in the center of his Soul Sea was already close to four acres.

The height of the spiritual tree had also once again increased by about one centimeter.

Then, Austin took out a jade bottle from the Space Ring. It held within the Earthly Mother Essence.

Two days earlier, when Austin used his Slaughtering Sword to fight his foes, he had almost been taken over by those bloodthirsty killing intents. He had almost totally lost his self-control.

This made him deeply realize that his own vital energy force was too low.

In the bigger picture, a cultivator's vital energy was the most fundamental and intrinsic part of them.

Austin was eager to promote his vital energy realm faster.

'I hope the Earthly Mother Essence is potent enough in helping me increase my vital energy force, ' Austin thought to himself.

He then opened the lid and drank the entire bottle in one go.

In a twinkling, a steady and huge efficacy rushed to every nook and cranny of Austin's body.

He clutched the Space Ring and took out millions of superior vital energy crystals from it and piled them around him.

After that, he sat cross-legged and began to practice the Golden Sun Scripture.

Austin planned to meditate in seclusion to catalyze himself to reach a cultivation base of the Astral Realm.

Before doing this to amplify his cultivation methods, Austin sent a message to the Sect Supremo using his spiritual sense.

"Don't disturb me unless the people from the Heaven Palace launch an attack against us," Austin told him.

Then Austin began to meditate in seclusion.

Violet and the gnome entered the Illusion Bead.

Fanny had already followed her grandpa to help study and deploy the Eighteen Arhats Array.

In the secret chamber, Austin remained motionless, like an old monk or even a statue.

A grain emitting golden light as big as a pearl was suspended above Austin's head. The golden light fell on the superior vital energy crystals around Austin and absorbed their aura.

As the grain absorbed more and more spiritual energy, it also grew in size.

In his body, Austin harnessed the cultivation methods of the Golden Sun Scripture, and the surging pale golden vital energy among the energy meridia

reen mountains within the Heaven Pavilion Sect's headquarters.

It seemed that every green mountain had some mysterious reactions.

'Can it be possible that Fanny's grandpa really have the ability to successfully deploy the Eighteen Arhats Array?' Austin thought to himself.

Austin had already understood some of the secrets of those mysterious reactions. Under the perception of his spiritual sense, he found out that some changes seemed to quietly take place in the Heaven Pavilion Sect's headquarters, including every ground and land area of the eighteen green mountains.

It seemed that everything was slowly being linked into a whole, and a sense of momentum with great harmony was slowly taking shape.

Austin was pleasantly surprised.


Suddenly, a soft voice of surprise sounded somewhere deep underground.

The light voice was faintly discernible.

However, Austin clearly sensed it.

'Why is there someone under the ground?' he couldn't help but feel surprised.

Austin hurriedly used his spiritual sense to perceive the location of that voice.

At a slow pace, Austin's spiritual sense carefully searched deep underground.


All of a sudden, that voice of surprise sounded again.

Then, under his perception of spiritual sense, Austin found a looming figure somewhere under the ground of Heaven Pavilion Sect's headquarters.

That figure was short, thin and somewhat unreal. He stood there quietly and motionlessly, as if looking at Austin's extended spiritual sense.

Austin could not help becoming speechless with great surprise and astonishment.

'Who was this strange, mysterious being!?' Austin thought to himself.

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