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   Chapter 1023 The Eighteen Arhats Array

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Austin was aware of the immense strength of the Heaven Palace, which would retaliate in a brutal manner. He immediately asked his three subordinates, the Sect Supremo, Ricco-the leader of Heaven Pavilion Sect and the leader of the Wolf Gang to begin full preparation against the imminent attack by the Heaven Palace. Austin and his men did not want to surrender to the Heaven Palace under any circumstance. So a fight between the two parties would be inevitable.

All three of his subordinates were the leaders of their own sect. Naturally, they were excellent at dealing with such forbidding attacks by enemies.

Besides, Austin was not the least bit interested in dealing with it. So, he simply let them take care of it.

He also knew very well that with the present strength of the Heaven Pavilion Sect, it did not matter how much preparation was done because ultimately it would not be able to put up an equal fight against the powerful Heaven Palace. In other words, in the upcoming battle, the Heaven Pavilion Sect would face a crushing defeat unless it had stronger support from elsewhere.

Therefore, as their supreme leader, he had already thought of the final counterattacks that he would employ to kill those warriors from the Heaven Palace at the beginning.

'If they still couldn't resist the fierce attacks of the Heaven Palace in the end, it would not be a big problem for me, ' thought Austin. He would simply transport all his men to the City model by activating the teleportation power and get out of the Heaven Pavilion Sect as fast as he could.

The City model was a special magical treasure which he always carried along with him. It was an immense space and even if it was loaded with more than 100, 000 people, it would still be quite spacious.

Apart from the City, Austin also had another magical treasure—the Dragon and Phoenix Chariot, which could fly at a breathtaking speed. If they escaped using it, no one could catch up with them.

With the two magical treasures as his final trump cards, Austin didn't have to be concerned about the upcoming battle. Accompanied by Violet and the gnome, he began to walk around and soak in the sights at the headquarters of the Heaven Pavilion Sect. The area had a total of eighteen beautiful green mountains. The three wandered around here and there, filled with absolute joy.

After sightseeing for a while, Austin admitted to himself that the scenery at the headquarters of the Heaven Pavilion Sect was indeed breathtaking.

The eighteen lush mountains had formed naturally. In fact, the formation of these mountains was based on a precise scientific process over several millennia but Austin didn't really care about it because he had no interest in understanding that field. He only saw that each of the mountains looked beautiful with its thick trees and bamboo. It also had countless waterfalls gushing from every nook like a pastoral paradise.

The more attention Austin paid to them, the more he was captivated by their beauty.

"Master, it's so beautiful here. I just wish to live here quietly and continue my cultivation!"

It seemed like Violet had also grown very fond of this place.

As Austin watched and enjoyed the mountainous landscape before him, Fanny's grandfather, along with Fanny and a few other disciples, flew towards hi

grandfather and come up with an estimate of how much it will cost to deploy this Eighteen Arhats Array.

If the array can be deployed successfully, perhaps, the headquarters of the Heaven Pavilion Sect will be in safe under its protection; otherwise, with our current strength, we will be forced to leave here sooner or later,"

Austin said slowly and seriously.

"Yes, master, you are quite right!

If this is the case, we have to deploy this array successfully even if it consumes all of our financial resources."

With the odds stacked against them, the three men all agreed with Austin's idea. Only such a powerful ace could help them out of trouble.

"Master, I plan to go back to the Wolf Gang headquarters to bring all my men here.

Now, the Heaven Palace wants to conquer all the other forces within the Triangle Zone. Our Wolf Gang definitely will be its target soon. After discussing with the Sect Supremo and Ricco, I have decided to bring all my men here. This way, all our forces will be joint together to fight against the Heaven Palace!"

proposed the leader of the Wolf Gang suddenly to Austin.

"Well, that sounds like a good idea. You should carry it out immediately. But, be careful on your journey!"

Austin said and nodded. It was a good proposal indeed. Their chances of defeating the Heaven Palace would only get greater with more men on their side.

The next day, Austin saw that Fanny's grandfather, followed by a large number of disciples from the Heaven Pavilion Sect, was walking back and forth through the eighteen green mountains.

He was obviously much more interested in deploying the Eighteen Arhats Array than Austin was.

Austin was delighted to see that Fanny's grandfather was obsessed with the study of arrays. The fact was now that Fanny's grandfather had found that this place was actually a perfect place for the deployment of an ancient array, he was overjoyed and simply couldn't wait to study it. Now Austin had even more confidence that the array would be deployed successfully.

After wandering around for half a day, Austin had nothing else to do. He didn't want to idle his time away, so he returned to his secret room and began his cultivation.

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