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   Chapter 1022 Visitors From The Heaven Palace

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Austin and Dahlia's father walked out of the chamber.

There was a large crowd waiting for them outside

consisting of Austin's servants, Fanny and her family, and a dozen disciples from the Veritable Demon Sect.

Dahlia's father led the disciples from the Veritable Demon Sect out of the headquarters of the Heaven Pavilion Sect and back to the Heavenly Dragon Holy Kingdom.

Although Austin had been asking about the reason why the leader of the Veritable Demon Sect wanted to meet him and why he believed Austin's cultivation base to be at risk, Dahlia's father never gave him a straight answer.

Austin was very frustrated. It appeared that he had to visit the leader of the Veritable Demon Sect himself in order to find the answer he was looking for.

It was until that moment did Austin just realize that Dahlia's father was a deputy in the Veritable Demon Sect.

"Austin, are you feeling better now?"

After Dahlia's father left with the disciples from the Veritable Demon Sect, Fanny immediately came to Austin to check if he was alright.

"Fanny, you could see that I am still able to move around. Do I seem not okay to you?"

Austin answered with a smile.

"Austin! Since when did you become this strong?

You looked so cool yesterday!"

Fanny exclaimed.

"Little girl, my master is indeed getting more and more handsome. Are you beginning to have a little crush on him?"

Violet came out of the Illusion Bead to tease Fanny.

She had been doing this since the first time they met.

"Violet! What are you talking about? You know I will not go easy on you!"

Fanny turned red as she rushed towards Violet and wrestled with her.

Fanny's grandpa looked at Austin, recalling that he killed two warriors of the Tribulation Realm with an archaic weapon. Everything was still very shocking.

He was having a hard time believing that this kid had grown from a low disciple of ninth level of the Energy Gathering Realm to someone who could easily outmatch warriors of the Tribulation Realm.

It almost seemed like a legend!

"Master, are you okay?"

Austin's servants all came to him and checked if he was hurt.

"Relax! I'm all good now."

Austin as

ect in seconds?"

The black-clad man was enraged by Austin's words.

They came to the Heaven Pavilion Sect with a sense of superiority.

With their strength, the Heaven Pavilion Sect wouldn't stand a chance against them.

He would never have thought that someone from the Heaven Pavilion Sect would dare talk to him in such tone.

"This is the last time I'll repeat myself. Kowtow, apologize, and then fuck off!

Or you will all die!"

Austin responded coldly as he grew impatient.

"You are way out of line. First, I will kill you and then I will find Ricco!"

The black-clad man activated his vital energy force at the premium stage of Astral Realm and formed a giant palm that was about to crash down on Austin.

He detected that Austin's cultivation base was only at the premium stage of Master Realm so he decided not to use the vital energy skill. Instead, he decided to kill Austin with pure force.

Austin's mind moved first and as a spiritual demon and twenty Spiritual Sense Flying Spears invaded the Soul Sea of the black-clad man.

His body then moved with the Thunderbolt Movement Skill as he unleashed his physical power

and punched him!

"That's impossible! How could your spiritual sense be so powerful?"

The black-clad man screamed in pain as a spiritual demon and the twenty spears attacked his spiritual soul constantly.

His spiritual soul had no choice but to run in circles as it had no way to defend itself.

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