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   Chapter 1021 The Powerful Heaven Palace

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Boom! Boom! Boom!

A powerful and unmatched force of suppression suddenly broke out from the Fire Stela in the elixir field of Austin, which seemed to be in response.

The potent repressive force dispersed an intent to murder, invading Austin's body along his limbs, bones, veins, and tissues.

His consciousness had completely returned to guard the spiritual tree, having a vague sensation about the outside world.

With a swoosh, many fresh, green leaves twirled nonstop

in Austin's soul sea, cutting and breaking down the blood-red murderous intent that invaded him.

However, the intent was so strong and tenacious that it was proving hard to completely drive out as quickly as he would have wished.

Austin was surprised to

find that

about a dozen crystal-clear roots the size of his little finger gently waved up.

As he watched, the roots with glittering luster rolled out.

In one fell swoop, they rushed to sweep away the killing spell in the sea.

Whoa! Whoa! Whoa!

Like a gigantic whale gulping water in the sea, the roots produced such a strong suction that dried up the killing spell in the twinkling of an eye.

Concurrently, the tree kept growing stronger by the minute, together with his own spiritual sense.

'The spiritual tree should be able to guzzle the murderous intent!'

Austin was pleasantly surprised at the discovery.

He was blown away by the wonderful work of the tree.

Austin remembered what Wally had said. The tree could absorb all kinds of energy from the environment and turn them into a spiritual force. If cultivators absorbed that force, they could vastly improve their spiritual sense.

The murderous intent was among the types of energy that the tree could absorb.

Finally, the scarlet energy in his soul was cleared out.

Little by little, he could feel his spiritual sense improving.

Austin was surprised by the unexpectedly killing intent that began to form in his spiritual sense.

At the same time, he also sensed a boost to his martial art skills.

Although he had been dizzy, just a few minutes back, suddenly, he opened his eyes.

The blood-red color disappeared, leaving his eyes clear now.

"Austin, you woke up at last!"

said Dahlia's father, who had stood by, waiting for Austin to come to.

By now, the man had returned to his normal state — a tall, middle-aged man with thick eyebrows and piercing eyes.

As Austin's eyes cleared, he realized he was in a secret chamber.

Reading the place by his spiritual senses, he knew he was

not stay here for a few more days?"

Austin was urged.

"No, I can't. There's so much work pending in the sect to deal with.

Thank you, Austin. Without you, my disciples and I would have been injured or even killed,"

the man said sincerely.

"Never mind, sir,"

Austin answered, a contented smile showing at the corners of his lips.

"Boy, your potential is unmatched among all the young guys I've ever met.

Being a good man or an evil man all depends on one's choices. I hope you can graduate to the highest level in the future,"

Dahlia's father said, his eyes fixed on Austin in genuine appreciation.

To people from the Heavenly Dragon Holy Kingdom, Austin was a cruel devil with a bad reputation.

And Dahlia's father, aware about that negative reputation cautioned him to tread carefully.

"Thank you for the advice, sir."

Austin smiled slightly. He had his own principles. He would do anything, whether it was good or evil, as long as it suited his fancy.

"By the way, my leader knows that you entered the Holy Tomb of the Veritable Demon Sect,"

Dahlia's father said suddenly, looking at Austin with a strange smile.


Austin felt somewhat embarrassed at the mention of that part. He had not only entered into the tomb, but also made a mess there, almost torn it down.

"Don't worry. My leader doesn't intend to punish you.

He just wants you to meet him so that the two of you can discuss something concerns your cultivation base and your life.

Austin, I hope you could meet him when you are free,"

Dahlia's father said seriously.


It has something to do with my cultivation base, and my life?"

Austin was stunned.

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