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   Chapter 1019 Take A Chance (Part One)

Rebirth of Martial God By Wo Chi Mian Bao Characters: 6849

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The giant Dahlia's father had transformed into was engaged in a fierce fight with a Heaven Palace warrior at the premium stage of Tribulation Realm.

Austin, to his surprise, found that one blow from the giant carried at least five million pounds of strength.

His fists and legs moved so fast that the air heated with his movements. The evaporated air deformed the space around it. This created violent hurricanes that whirled like air bombs. They spread in all directions and were triggered by obstacles in their path. Thick black smoke soared to the sky like black dragons. The whole place turned into a sea of chaos in a twinkling.

As a result, the Tribulation Realm warrior at the premium stage from Heaven Palace gained no advantage in the fight.

Austin could not help but feel admiration for the giant's ability.

The Sect Supremo and the thunder unicorn were jointly attacking another warrior, who seemed to be at the medium stage of Tribulation Realm.

Since the two sides were almost equally matched, the battle had reached a stalemate.

The Heaven Palace, however, still had a capable warrior at the medium stage of Tribulation Realm and dozens of Astral Realm warriors and Master Realm warriors, who had not yet joined the battle. There was still a chance that they might win the battle!

"Kill them all. They're weak and incapable. Leave no one alive!"

The Tribulation Realm warrior signaled to the Astral Realm warriors and the Master Realm warriors as soon as he had finished speaking. They nodded before dashing toward Austin.

Austin clenched his teeth as the warriors approached him.

"There's no other way. It's risky, but I have to try again."

He touched his Space Ring, and the Slaughtering Sword immediately appeared in his hand.

The sword emitted a ray of color as dark as blood. A crimson sheen shrouded the whole area, threatening death to anyone who had the misfortune of coming in its path.

Austin's eyes also changed to the color of blood. He appeared terrifying with his hair and clothes flap

ved so fast that in the blink of an eye, it reached the warrior at the preliminary stage of Tribulation Realm.

The warrior sensed the speed and power of the red sword aura. His face darkened when he realized that Austin intended to battle him.

After releasing mighty vital energy forces from his body, the warrior summoned five grey flood dragons. These five fierce creatures rushed at Austin simultaneously.

A ripping sound filled the space.

The five grey flood dragons were cut into pieces as easily as if they had been made of paper.

The thick red sword aura had pierced them and shredded them.

The warrior from the Heaven Palace at the preliminary stage of Tribulation Realm finally panicked. The force of the weapon was indeed beyond his imagination.

He had heard of the force of archaic weapons before, but he had never witnessed it.

The slaughter of the flood dragons showed the warrior how destructive an archaic weapon could be. Its force was even more powerful and frightening than the legends he had heard.

It was so frightening that the warrior froze. He was unable to resist the attack!

Panic coursed through him and filled every cell in his body. There was no way for him to run. So he did his utmost to initiate all the vital energy forces in him. Layers of defending walls made from vital energy force formed before him.

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