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   Chapter 1018 Please Believe In Me

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Right behind the giant, dozens of cultivators were closely chasing after him. They moved so fast that their figures rippled through the air.

Three of them were already at the Tribulation Realm.

One of them was at the premium stage of Tribulation Realm while the other two were at the medium stage of Tribulation Realm.

Flying behind the three cultivators were dozens of cultivators at the Astral and Master Realm.

"They are from the Heaven Palace!" Austin murmured to himself.

Using the power of spiritual sense, he saw that those who followed the giant were all wearing bloody masks.

"Follow me and make way for them!"

Austin gestured to his team to get moving.

Even he was not stupid enough to confront opponents like those pursuers from the Heaven Palace. Their numbers and power were quite strong.

His first instinct was to avoid them.

Austin led his team in another direction.


Before they could fly very far, he heard the giant call his name via spiritual sense. When he looked back, he was dismayed. The giant had changed his direction and followed them.

'Oh, damn! What the hell is wrong with him?' thought Austin.

Austin smiled a bitter smile, feeling rather helpless.

However, in the meantime, he realized that the giant seemed familiar.

He searched in his mind and tried to figure out who he was. 'Is he Dahlia's father?'

A light bulb turned on in his head.

"Austin, I'm Dahlia's father. I recognized you!" the giant continued.

Sure enough, his words confirmed Austin's speculation.

The giant ran very fast. Each of his steps spanned several kilometers. After only several steps he had grown close to Austin and his team.

"Ha-ha-ha! You guys from the Veritable Demon Sect are doomed to be killed in the Triangle Zone today. Don't even dream of escaping,"

the cultivator at the premium stage of Tribulation Realm from the Heaven Palace shouted, laughing mockingly.

"Sir, what is going on here?"

Austin asked the giant via spiritual sense.

"I've no idea either. I took these disciples to attend the auction held in Graystone City, and after that we were supposed to go back to Heavenly Dragon Holy Kingdom.

However, on our way back, we unexpectedly ran into these guys, an

ne for him.

Since Austin had made up his mind, he stopped running suddenly.

"How can you…"

Dahlia's father caught Austin's side in an instant.

When he saw that Austin stopped running, he became very anxious.

"Please believe in me!"

Austin said faintly.

The giant gazed at Austin from his towering height. After a few seconds, he took a deep breath, nodded and uttered, "Alright!

I believe in you."

It seemed that the giant had inspired by the firm self-confidence flashed in Austin's eyes. He shut his eyes tightly, preparing himself for a difficult battle.

With a shake of his arms, the dozen disciples of Veritable Demon Sect were thrown aside.

"Sir, you are responsible for the cultivator at the premium stage of Tribulation Realm!"

Austin telepathically said, before he let out the thunder unicorn form his elixir field, and bathed himself in the dazzling light of thunder.

"Draw the attention of one of the rest two cultivators at the Tribulation Realm together with the thunder unicorn,"

Austin ordered the Sect Supremo.

"Master, be careful!"

The Sect Supremo had guessed Austin's plan at once. He could not stop himself from worrying about him.

With these words, the Sect Supremo and the thunder unicorn soared out at high speed and headed to a cultivator at the medium stage of Tribulation Realm.

Seeing their move, Dahlia's father ran towards the cultivator at the premium stage of Tribulation Realm. In his eyes flashed a steely determination.

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