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   Chapter 1017 The Running Giant

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"Pull back!"

The leader of the Heaven Palace was both shocked and angered. And yet, he was the first to run away.

"Ha-ha, it's too late now."

The Sect Supremo let forth a screeching laugh. Instantly, black smoke spread out, permeating hundreds of square meters

and encircling everyone from the Heaven Palace.

The smoke had been transformed from the Sect Supremo's vital energy force. Wisps of this smoke entangled the warriors' bodies and began to contract like a fish trap.

"Boom! Boom! Boom!"

Bodies began to explode one after another.

Only the warriors of the Astral Realm with strong cultivation bases were able to withstand such forces briefly. But they too were eventually torn to pieces.

Since the Sect Supremo had everything under control, Austin focused elsewhere

and walked straight towards the array in hopes of reaching someone inside telepathically.

"It is okay now. Come on out!"

Several figures appeared in the array

and one of them was Fanny.

They had seen what was happening outside the array.

Ever since Austin arrived, Fanny had stared at him the whole time. She felt like she knew him. But from where?

For the past two years, with the continuous advance of his cultivation base, Austin had changed a lot in his appearance and temperament.

He no longer looked like a disciple of some sect as he was before.

Instead, he had grown much taller with a mysterious and indifferent air. His confidence was also overwhelming.

Fanny wasn't sure if he was the man she was thinking of.

"Grandpa, this man looks familiar,"

Fanny said to one of the old men.

He was clad in white robes and was a bit thin.

"May I know who you are, sir? Why did you help us?"

Fanny's grandpa asked Austin telepathically while looking at him suspiciously.

He obviously also found Austin familiar, but he had been around long enough to know that he had to constantly stay sharp and look out for himself, which was why he stayed

Realm from the Heaven Palace were more than he could handle.

But what he couldn't figure out was why they'd been sent to hunt down people.

As long as they stayed out of his way, Austin couldn't care less.

He was not in the mood to deal with this.

He led his companions towards the direction of the Heaven Pavilion Sect.

Austin was planning to leave Fanny and her family at Heaven Pavilion Sect to lay low for a while. Then, they could return to the Grand Dragon Empire in peace.

Boom! Boom! Boom!

All of sudden, the earth began shaking.

Austin unleashed his spiritual sense and detected that there was a huge figure on the horizon dashing towards them.

A giant!?

With his spiritual sense, Austin could see that thing running was about four to five meters in height with a body of nearly pure muscle. It was extremely fearsome.

This giant had an amazing jumping skill. With each jump, it was able to propel itself forward by thousands of meters.

It was faster even than Austin when he deployed his Thunderbolt Movement Skill.

In a short span of time, it was only thousands of meters away from them.

To Austin's surprise, this giant was holding up both his truck-like arms, and on each arm of his sat about six people.

This giant was running while carrying a dozen people on him!

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