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   Chapter 1015 Location Of The Dark Bone Gloomy Fire

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"Master, I've been stuck in the preliminary stage of Tribulation Realm for eighty years.

I can sense that my potential for cultivation has come to an end, and perhaps I will be stuck in the preliminary stage of Tribulation Realm forever.

But if I can get the Energy-enhancing Pill, then I may have the chance to break into the medium stage of Tribulation Realm.

Once I pass this point, I can go further on the way of the martial arts!"

The Sect Supremo breathed heavily.

"Oh, I see,"

Austin muttered. He had not anticipated that there was such precious pill in Gregg's Space Ring.

Certainly Austin understood what the Sect Supremo meant. He wanted this Energy-enhancing Pill.

Austin looked at the Sect Supremo while he was considering in the heart.

"Master, please give me the Energy-enhancing Pill! I will be loyal to you for the rest of my life and never betray you!"

the Sect Supremo swore as he knelt humbly before Austin.

"Alright, I will give it to you then."

Austin nodded slowly after a moment's hesitation.

As long as his strength of the spiritual sense was powerful than the Sect Supremo's, Austin could control him forever.

Austin's power of spiritual sense was increasing rapidly since his spiritual soul had fused with the spiritual tree.

Austin believed that even if the Sect Supremo broke into the medium stage of Tribulation Realm or even the premium stage of Tribulation Realm after he took the Energy-enhancing Pill, his spiritual sense would never overpower Austin's.

Besides, because of pill, he would be indebted to Austin forever.

"Thank you, master!"

The Sect Supremo was trembling with great excitement as he took the Energy-enhancing Pill from Austin.

Once this was decided, Austin checked the other jade bottles in the Space Ring one by one, and he found that there were plenty of elixirs at sixth, seventh and eighth grade.

Austin picked some pills suitable for the cultivators at the stage of the Astral Realm to give them to the leader of the Wolf Gang and the other four servants at the stage of the Astral Realm.

They all became extremely excited, exclaiming with gratitude.

Now, Austin took out the two pieces of worn cloth.

One cloth was of course

As this happened, Austin merely stood and watched, his arms crossed.

"What happened? !"

"There is something wrong with this man!"

The rest cultivators of the Heaven Palace looked at Austin in shock and stopped attacking the array.


The Sect Supremo and other servants arrived and stood beside Austin as the cultivators of the Heaven Palace looked at them with shock and confusion.

"A master at the premium stage of Tribulation Realm!"

The leader of these cultivators of the Heaven Palace showed a frightened look as he saw the Sect Supremo.

He had sensed the strength of his opponent and was feeling rather scared.

"Sir, what happened just now was just a misunderstanding; I apologize.

We are solving some personal matters. Please do not get involved.

Please accept this and step aside!"

The leader of these cultivators of the Heaven Palace raised his hand as he was speaking. A Space Ring flew to Austin slowly.

He could tell that Austin was their leader.

Austin took the Space Ring and he could sense that there were several hundred thousand of the superior vital energy crystals.

Austin took the Space Ring without emotion.

"Thank you then!"

The leader was happy seeing Austin accept the Space Ring.

"Kill them all!"

Austin muttered disdainfully in a low voice.

The Sect Supremo raised his hands instantly, and then overwhelming dark cloud emitted from his body endlessly and surrounded the cultivators of the Heaven Palace.

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