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   Chapter 1014 The Sense Of Massacre

Rebirth of Martial God By Wo Chi Mian Bao Characters: 8008

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With just one stab from the sword, the powerful warrior at Tribulation Realm from Heaven Palace was hurt. His eyes shone with extreme fear for his life.

"Austin, you have killed the men of our Heaven Palace. Aren't you scared of revenge?"

The warrior stared hard at the Slaughtering Sword in Austin's hand, shaking with terror. He braced for his impending death.

The bloody smell of massacre permeated the air and added to his fright.

Even though he was a powerful warrior at the medium stage of Tribulation Realm, he did not have any idea how to combat Austin now.


Austin replied with a single word. His eyes grew even more blood red, looking terrifying and cruel.


A hundred-meter wide sword aura flashed through the air and rushed forward.


Heaven Palace will take revenge on you!"

Seriously frightened, the warrior from Heaven Palace stretched one hand and pointed the eight demon heads. Under the control of the warrior, these heads were lined up in a minute, and then were growling and rushing to fight against the giant bloody sword aura.

After that, the warrior used his bodily movement skill and flashed swiftly to the sky. He had decided to run away instead of fight for his honor.


Austin said contemptuously.

Bloody light began to billow fiercely like choppy waves. The giant bloody sword aura rushed to the sky in hot pursuit of the warrior.

In a flash, it had reached the warrior.


The warrior's entire body exploded, turning into a bloody mist.

Suddenly, a flash of dark smog came out from this. It began to gather rapidly, and finally became a shadowy face.

This face, which had the size of over five hundred square meters, resembled a devils' face. It had big lantern-like eyes, staring at Austin.

"Damn you! How dare you! You have killed the demon's messenger of Black Demon Imperator. I will be back and have you pay for this!" Its voice boomed.

Austin rolled his eyes, and the face dissipated into the ground.

'Black Demon Imperator?'

Austin thought to himself. He had never heard of this name.

"Well, Black Demon Imperator, I am waiting for you,"

he sneered into the air. There were already many people who wanted revenge on him. Another one was inconsequential.

Then, Austin stretched out his hand. Two Space Rings flew back with two flashes of light and dropped o

ght spread from the pill.

"A ninth-grade pill! I can't believe it! But what pill is it?"

Austin asked in confusion.

Suddenly, the Sect Supremo began to breathe heavily.

"Energy-enhancing Pill, it's Energy-enhancing Pill!"

the Sect Supremo exclaimed. He stared hard at the brown pill, greed filling his eyes.


Energy-enhancing Pill?"

Austin watched the expression of Sect Supremo thoughtfully.

"Master, the Energy-enhancing Pill is for the exclusive use of warriors at Tribulation Realm.

This Realm is the bottleneck for warriors.

Once the cultivation base of warriors reach it, it means that they have arrived at a strategic pass.

If they want to make a breakthrough on the cultivation base, they will have to exert much more effort to make it happen compared to warriors in lower levels.

Many warriors are unable to reach a higher realm no matter how hard they try. They get stuck there.

Under this situation, it is significant for the warriors at Tribulation Realm to make use of kinds of treasures, like elixirs and pills of high grades to catalyze themselves and make a breakthrough to the next realm.

The Energy-enhancing Pill is one kind of those pills, and is very effective for accelerating the breakthrough on cultivation base of the warriors at Tribulation Realm.

It is said that the rate that the warriors at Tribulation Realm can make a breakthrough on the cultivation base will increase by fifty percent after ingesting it!"

the Sect Supremo explained hurriedly, his eyes still staring in wide shock at the pill Austin held aloft.

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