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   Chapter 1014 The First Try Of The Slaughtering Sword

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Austin saw the cultivators of the Heaven Palace surround him, but instead of trying to run away, he stood there calmly.

He had to get the Space Ring from the strong cultivator of the Heaven Palace under any circumstance.

The Space Ring belonged to Gregg, the elder of the Magic Hand Sect. And there was a clue about the Dark Bone Gloomy Fire writing on the piece of rag in the Space Ring.

Austin didn't want to miss the opportunity that lay before him. He had confidence in himself and knew that he would surely obtain the clue about the Dark Bone Gloomy Fire.

If he had to fight against two strong cultivators at the medium stage of Tribulation Realm, he might have chosen to run away from this battle.

But since there was only one cultivator left in the Heaven Palace, Austin decided to take the risk.

"Kill them all! Now!" commanded the strong cultivator of the Heaven Palace, with a wave of his hand.

Dozens of Astral Realm cultivators, their faces adorned with hideous masks, rushed towards Austin as soon as they got the order from their leader.

They encircled Austin in a swift moment, activated their vital energy force and directed attacks at him without a break.

Meanwhile, the strong cultivator of the Heaven Palace charged towards the Sect Supremo next to Austin.

He could tell that the Sect Supremo was a cultivator at the preliminary stage of Tribulation Realm and clearly the strongest one amongst Austin and his six companions.

The thunder unicorn roared.

Then it came out of Austin's elixir field and joined the battle between the Sect Supremo and the strong cultivator.

"Shoop!" There came the clear sound of steel.

Austin took out his Lightning Sword. At the same time, he summoned his Demon-creating Skill and the Spiritual Sense Flying Spears. He targeted the Soul Sea of the two Astral Realm cultivators of the Heaven Palace, who fought on the front lines.

The magnificent sword aura from the Lightning Sword swept over them.

In a split second, the two Astral Realm cultivators were beheaded and blood sprouted out from their necks.

Their detached heads floated in the air for a moment before dropping to the ground.

Then Austin aimed his Demon-creating Skill and Spiritual Sense Flying Spears at the Soul Sea of the other Astral Realm cultivators. Again the mighty sword aura from his Lightning Sword targeted them, but this time all at once.

Austin's spiritual sense was too powerful for them to withstand.

Those Astral Realm cultivators of the Heaven Palace tried their best to fight against his spiritual sense attacks, but all their defences were in vain.

second. But they could still feel the strong killing intent around Austin which frightened them to the core.

"Wait! That is an archaic weapon!

I know who you are! You are Austin!

You must be Austin! The one who took away all the four archaic weapons in the ancient master's mansion in the Middle World Waters,"

the strong cultivator suddenly exclaimed in amazement.

"Yeah! You are right. This ancient sword is an archaic weapon, named the Slaughtering Sword!

And indeed I am Austin!

You are a lucky guy. It's the first time I tried this bad boy,"

Austin said coldly.

With the Slaughtering Sword in his hand, Austin was filled with the strong killing intent in his chest. The only thing on Austin's mind in that moment was killing.

His cold voice sent chills down everyone's spine.


Austin said, as he brandished the Slaughtering Sword and targeted the strong cultivator.


A large bloody sword aura, hundreds of meters wide and thousands of meters long, surged out of the sword.

The killing intent around the huge sword aura was so formidable that one could not look at it.

Even the sky trembled, as though it was frightened by the strong killing intent.

With perfect arcs in the air, the sword aura swiftly moved closer and closer to the strong cultivator.

The strong cultivator widened his eyes with fear. Then he waved his hand as a gesture to summon all the demons' heads. The eighteen heads gathered in front of him at once, fighting against the bloody sword aura.


Nine of the demons' heads were smashed into nothing at once.

The strong cultivator, however, was alive but hurt. He spit a mouthful of blood on to the ground.

He had indeed gotten badly injured by Austin.

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