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   Chapter 1012 It's Your Turn

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The battle force of people from the robbers was much stronger compared to that of people from the Magic Hand Sect.

Taking notice of the fact that they were at a disadvantage, Elder Gregg changed his attitude towards them immediately.

"Hey, guys, we're from the Magic Hand Sect of Heavenly Dragon Holy Kingdom.

We've never done anything to hurt you. Please let us go.

If you do us this favor, we'll pay you back whenever you are in need of any assistance," he said in a humble manner.

He didn't want to get into any trouble.

"Who needs your assistance? Come on, guys, kill all of them," the man who led the team said with dismissal, gesturing his men to charge at the opponents.

Over forty men who wore red masks swarmed towards Elder Gregg and his other team members. At the same time, they executed various vital-energy attacks at them.

"You're from the Heaven Palace, I suppose.

Although I haven't met you personally, I heard you speak and sensed your spiritual soul at an auction in the Graystone City,"

Elder Gregg shouted with certainty, narrowing his eyes at the leader of the opponent team.

He wondered what the people of Heaven Palace were up to.

In fact, many Tribulation Realm masters would learn some secret skills which could help them sense other people's spiritual souls.

This way, they could recognize people by the souls they had detected. It was like a mystical identifying procedure.

The man in charge let out a cruel laughter.

"Exactly. We're of Heaven Palace. Don't think you can get away easily.

None of you here can get away alive today," he announced victoriously.

He stretched out and clenched his fist. The next minute, two young disciples of Magic Hand Sect at the Master Realm exploded like a time bomb and the area became a pool of fresh blood.

"Damn it. I'm going to kill you, you monster," Elder Gregg vouched.

With a pat on his chest, a big green herbal pot which was over 40 meters tall rushed out from his head and floated over it.

Green smoke billowed out from the pot and rushed at the people of Heaven Palace like a long gushing river.

This was the beginning of a war.

Dumbfounded, Austin and his men witnessed the two forces in a fierce battle from the distance.

They intended to rob the members of Magic Hand Sect, but the people from the Heaven Palace did it before them. Thus they had to wait and watch what was coming out of the war.

"What are we going to do, master?"

Pompeo, the head of the Wolf Gang, asked, looking quizzically at A

g. But now the Heaven Palace has it, ' Austin thought.

"You son of a bitch, I'll end your life I swear!" Elder Gregg bellowed in extreme pain.

All the green smoke gathered together forming an enormous dragon.

Boom! Boom! Boom!

The dragon formed by smoke attacked the two Tribulation Realm cultivators violently, forcing them to take steps back in order to save their lives.

"We'll make you pay for this. Just wait. You will suffer tremendously," Elder Gregg shouted furiously.

He moved to Mr. Gold Hand's side in an instant.

Taking out a yellow rune paper, he infused his vital energy into it. With a flash of a beautiful golden light, Elder Gregg and Mr. Gold Hand vanished into thin air.

"Old man, you want to get away? You think it will be that easy? That's not going to happen,"

the master enveloped by golden rain snorted.

"You take our men to take care of the people from other sects.

That Gregg is badly injured, so he can't go too far. I'll take him," the man who had released the golden rain said to another Tribulation Realm cultivator quickly.

He transformed himself into a shimmering golden light and headed towards east.

The rune paper Elder Gregg had used was the Primary Teleportation Rune, which could only transport him and Mr. Gold Hand to a place several thousand meters away from where they had been earlier.

"Hey, you bastards. Enjoying watching the show over there?

Now it's your turn," the other Tribulation Realm master who remained still said loudly.

With a wave of his hand, over forty Astral Realm cultivators flew towards Austin and his crew all of a sudden.

Austin and his six servants had been surrounded instantly.

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