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   Chapter 1011 Today Is The Day You Die

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After the auction for the cloth with clues about the Dark Bone Gloomy Fire finished, bidding for the other items went on.

There was no doubt that in this high-class auction house, the treasures put up for sale were all extremely precious.

As one treasure after another was continuously displayed and auctioned, the atmosphere in the auction house reached a climax again and again. Everyone was in high spirits, feeling the rush of adrenaline.

However, Austin never bid for other treasures in the auction again.

The few treasures that truly impressed him were all sold at a staggering price.

And the ones that didn't impress him so much weren't worth bidding such a high sum for.

For example, the magic treasures at the level of holy weapon might be invaluable to other cultivators.

But since Austin already owned four archaic weapons, those holy weapons were redundant to spend money on.

A moment later, Austin felt that there was no need for him to stay in that auction house any longer.

He discreetly left with his companions.

As soon as they went out, they came upon an upscale tavern called the Golden Wine Tavern, which was just down the street from the auction house.

Austin went in and found a window seat on the second floor.

He ordered several jugs of expensive magic wine, and then slowly sipped the wine while waiting for the auction to end. He looked out onto the street, observing the passersby.

Just as he was doing this, something was secretly happening elsewhere.

A very remote and desolate black land was located far away from the center of the Triangle Zone.

Two hundred meters below ground, there was a vast complex of underground palaces.

Its area was extremely expansive. The structures were built luxuriously and it looked resplendent and magnificent, decorated with eye-catching carved beams and painted rafters.

At that moment, three figures were sitting in a spacious palace hall deep underground.

Their aura was as deep as the sea and they looked quite terrifying.

One of them was a dignified middle-aged man in purple robe.

The other two figures were between 30 and 40 feet tall. Their legs were as long as two ordinary people combined, and their skin was metallic gray-blue. Their upper body muscles were very strong; their arms were thicker than the width of a large man, and their pointed ears were five feet long.

Those two giants could by no means be mistaken for ordinary human beings!

"Master, how is everything going? Have you gotten ready for this tremendous event?"

one of the giants asked, his voice sounding like metal clashing.

"Yes, I'm sure that everything is ready.

This time, none of the participants in the

o himself, feeling quite astonished.

In his great surprise, Austin planned to take no action for the time being and tried to assess the basic situation first.

Soon, those people of the Magic Hand Sect also sensed the signs of danger.

The old man who was flying in front waved his hand to the back to signal his companions to stop.

He had also detected the figures lurking ahead.

"Elder Gregg, what's going on?"

one of the five middle-aged men of the Magic Hand Sect asked the old man as he quickened his step to follow him.

"There is an ambush ahead, and I'm sensing that there are at least 50 or 60 people,"

the old man called Gregg said with a frown.

"Oh? They won't be against us, will they?"

Upon hearing the words of Gregg, the five middle-aged men were all taken aback at the same time. They were all stewards in the Magic Hand Sect.

"I don't know, but since we are in the Triangle Zone. We have to be extremely careful,"

Gregg said in a low voice.

"Ha-ha, Ha-ha!"

Suddenly, loud laughter burst out. It sounded like the call of a night owl.

In a twinkling, 40 or 50 figures with sharp aura suddenly rushed out from those several mounds ahead. In the blink of an eye, they were in front of the people of the Magic Hand Sect.

"This road is impassable! If you want to get through, today will be the day you die!"

All of them wore blood-red masks. On the mask, bloodied faces of evil spirits were painted, gruesome and quite shocking.

As soon as those 40 or 50 people appeared, Austin was aware that among them, there were actually two people who were powerful cultivators of the Tribulation Realm, and more surprisingly, both of them were at the medium stage of Tribulation Realm!

Meanwhile, the rest of them were only cultivators of the Astral Realm.

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