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   Chapter 1011 Ready To Snatch

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As the beautiful girl walked on the display platform with a tray in her hands, Austin's eyes focused on the item right away.

There was a piece of worn cloth on the tray.

Everything finally added up!

Apparently, the worn cloth for sale and his worn cloth belonged to the same one that had long ago been torn into two pieces!

If they were pieced together, a complete map would be seen!

It was the complete clue of the Dark Bone Gloomy Fire.

Austin was so excited. He told himself that he had made the right decision to come to this auction in the Graystone City.

As long as he could win the worn cloth on the auction, he would discover the location of the Dark Bone Gloomy Fire at once.

"Alright, now I will directly start the auction of the clue of the Dark Bone Gloomy Fire.

The starting bid is thirty million pieces of the superior vital energy crystal,"

the elder in grey on the display platform spoke again.

"Thirty million and five hundred."

As soon the elder in grey just finished his sentence, someone bid for it immediately.

"Thirty million and seven hundred!"

Another one offered at once.

After all, everyone here all knew that every Unearthly Fire in this world was a precious treasure.

The price rose rapidly.

Less than a minute had elapsed before someone was already bidding fifty million pieces.

Though Austin did not take action now, he listened to the sharply rising price with a forced smile.

It appeared that he had to spend a lot for the worn cloth.

Finally, when the price reached eighty million pieces of the superior vital energy crystal, there were fewer participants still fighting for it.

Although the Unearthly Fire was so precious, a mere clue to its whereabouts at this price seemed too expensive;

especially when no one was sure that whether the one who got the worn cloth could really find the Dark Bone Gloomy Fire or not.

And eighty million pieces of the superior vital energy crystal could buy several holy weapons at the advanced grade!

At last, there were fewer and fewer people still bidding.

Austin observed that now, most of the people who were still in the competition were from the major forces and sects.

"Ninety million pieces!

We, the Heaven Palace, are very interested in the clue of the Dark Bone Gloomy Fire, so please don't bid for it an

ive servants, then the amount of the value they owned narrowly reached one hundred and sixty million pieces of the superior vital energy crystal.

This was all the seven of them had.

If the man of the Magic Hand Sect shouted out a higher price, then Austin could only give up.

"Two hundred million!"

The voice from the Magic Hand Sect seemed to be extremely angry.

Apparently, this price was too high even for him.

"What the hell!"

people exclaimed in utter disbelief. This was preposterous!

It was merely a clue. How could it fetch a price of two hundred million pieces of the superior vital energy crystal?

Everyone was shocked and excited.


Austin felt hopeless and he slumped in the soft chair with disappointment.

Finally, the worn cloth that held a clue to the Dark Bone Gloomy Fire was won by the Magic Hand Sect.

"Master, if that worn cloth is so important to you, we can follow the man of the Magic Hand Sect after the auction, and on the way we can..."

The leader of the Wolf Gang suddenly stopped talking as he made a chopping gesture.

He clearly meant to take it by force.

"Master, don't forget, it's normal to snatch things in the Triangle Zone,"

he said.

Austin considered for a few seconds before his eyes became sharp.

"Alright, we will do it after the auction! We'll snatch the clue!"

Hearing his words, all of his companions grew incredibly excited.

'Looks like my servants have done a lot of this kind of operations before, '

Austin thought to himself and couldn't help chuckling.

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