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   Chapter 1009 The Clue To The Dark Bone Gloomy Fire

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Everyone had got settled in the VIP room.

Austin, the Sect Supremo and the other five companions of Austin were waiting silently for the official start of the famous auction. It was to start within an hour.

While they sat waiting, a beautiful waitress, with a pair of almond-shaped eyes, looked seductively at Austin. She kept winking at Austin blatantly whenever his eyes met hers.

Her eyes were filled with undisguised lust.

The waitress, who had been working at the auction place for many years, naturally was well-trained and experienced. She had become a keen observer. At a single glance, she could make out that Austin was the head of the seven-member team.

'He was willing to pay a total of 3 million superior vital energy crystals to be allowed to enter the VIP room. Without any doubt, he is a man with great fortune, ' the waitress thought.

She was nothing more than an insignificant figure whose cultivation base was simply at the medium stage of Sky Realm, regarded as a very low realm compared to the others. Thus, her social status was relatively low. But that did not stop her from having a fancy dream that one day, she would be in a romantic relationship with a rich and powerful man and become his wife. So, she would no longer be the poor woman but become a pretty princess like Cinderella, and would live happily and be wealthy ever after.

With that fantasy high in her mind, she made continuous efforts to flirt with Austin.

Especially when bending down to make tea for Austin, she deliberately and continuously shook her big sexy hips at him. She kept hoping he would be seduced by her. According to her past experience, men could not resist her charm.

Austin, seeing her deliberate attempts in seducing him, felt quite bothered and awkward. Unlike other men, he had a strong and determined mind. Thus, he could not be seduced so easily. Having no other way to avoid such an embarrassing situation, he simply closed eyes and began to meditate. He looked like a monk trying to avoid the sexual advances of a woman.

Realizing that all her efforts at seducing Austin were in vain, the waitress now felt greatly irritated and gritted her teeth.

Austin didn't know nor did he care about her reaction. He had kept his eyes closed for nearly half an hour until a sound broke his meditation.

A crisp bell resounded as it kept ringing slowly in the auction hall. The sound reached every corner of the place.

Hearing the sound, all the people present in the high-level auction venue felt refreshed and were in high spirits. It meant that the auction would begin in a few minutes.

In an instant, the noise inside the venue faded. All the people became silent and waited for the official start of the auction.

Austin, too, opened his eyes at once, and the first thing he saw was the resentful and sharp eyes of the waitress glaring at him.

To avoid further eye contact with her, he quickly steered his attention towards the ten square meter crystal screen, which would broadcast the auction in real time.

Soon, everyone had th

e final price after the bidding of each treasure is going beyond 10 million superior vital energy crystals.

I am really impressed by some of the treasures. Even though I have great desire to buy them, I have to force myself and control my impulses.' Austin's mind was racing fast.

The auction went on for an hour. Then came the moment Austin had been waiting for.

"Now, ladies and gentlemen, the clue to an Unearthly Fire will be auctioned.

This Unearthly Fire is called the Dark Bone Gloomy Fire.

As you have managed to enter this high-level auction venue, I believe you are definitely not ordinary people. Thus, there is no need for me to tell more about the traits and value of the Unearthly Fire in the world of cultivators.

Every kind of Unearthly Fire, found between heaven and earth, is an invaluable treasure. In general, it is almost impossible for an ordinary cultivator to encounter or obtain such a fire.

This time, we will only be able to offer the clue to an Unearthly Fire.

The careful evaluation and calculation of the senior evaluators of our auction house, make us guarantee you that the clue to be auctioned today is absolutely true and genuine.

The customer who gets this clue will have a great chance to find the location of the Dark Bone Gloomy Fire after a careful research about it,"

the old man spoke slowly, so that the audience could understand the importance of the item to be auctioned.

Austin's heart skipped a beat and his eyes got fixed at the crystal screen. He was determined to get the clue.

"So, now the auction for the Dark Bone Gloomy Fire will begin. This time, I will definitely get it. I don't care how much the price will be!"

Austin muttered to himself.

He was overwhelmed with joy and excitement when he saw the gorgeous woman in scanty clothes, walk up to the platform again. She was again holding a huge crystal tray in her hand as she elegantly walked on. Austin's eyes were fixed on the tray as he waited to get a glimpse of the leads to the Dark Bone Gloomy Fire!

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