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   Chapter 1009 The Beginning Of The Auction

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Staring at the huge pitch-black tripod that towered up into the sky with a height of over a thousand meters, Austin was lost in astonishment.

His intuition told him that the huge tripod was not as simple as it looked.

Judging from its appearance, it seemed to be a sculpture. But Austin could sense that something special was concealed inside.

In order to observe it closely, Austin took the Sect Supremo and the other five people to the broad square located at the very center of the Graystone City.

Only by standing beside it could they sense its unparalleled and overwhelming grandeur.

With a thousand meters high and two hundred meters wide, the huge tripod exuded an oppressive aura that enveloped all of them.

Shrouded in a solemn atmosphere, everyone looked it up and down in total silence.

After a brief moment of observation, Austin released his spiritual sense to check the huge tripod.

It didn't take much time before his spiritual sense touched its body.

Suddenly, Austin felt a sharp pain in his Soul Sea. Then, he found that the spiritual sense he released had vanished.

Astonished, Austin's face turned grim.

This huge tripod had absorbed his spiritual sense.

"Sire, you released your spiritual sense to detect this black tripod, haven't you?"

the Sect Supremo asked as he saw Austin's expression.


Austin replied with a nod. His heart was still fluttering with fear.

"I don't think this huge tripod is just a sculpture. Do you know anything about it? Could you tell me?"

Austin asked the Sect Supremo.

"Sire, this huge tripod has a history even longer than the Graystone City.

The legend goes that this place was a vast desert with burnt black gravel a thousand years ago. The Graystone City hadn't been built at that time, and not even a blade of grass grew on this land.

It was only this huge tripod that stood here.

Later on, with the establishment of the Graystone City, it flourished and gradually became one of the most prosperous cities in the Triangle Zone.

As to this huge tripod, nobody has ever figured out how it appeared for over a thousand years.

I suppose it should be a sculpture left from the anc

which were paved with crystal.

She was an absolute stunner, with a fit, undulating figure.

Her smooth legs walked gracefully, framed by the high side slits in her dress.

Austin followed her up the twisting crystal stairs.

He could not help but stare at her figure.

Austin swallowed, his throat dry. An inner desire made him feel a bit of discomfort.

After what felt like a long time, they arrived at a VIP room.

Austin finally could breathe again, relieved.

Observing Austin's embarrassed expression, that waiting maid shot him a crafty smile. She was hoping that this rich man would keep her as a mistress.

It was evident that only the warriors who had deep pockets could afford these VIP rooms.

Those waiting maids didn't need to serve here for their wages once they could find themselves a rich man.

Austin walked into his room, which was delicately and elegantly decorated. He was greatly satisfied with the softness of the seats.

A huge crystal screen was laid in the room, which could display all the goings-on of the platform in the auction venue.

Meanwhile, different kinds of high-grade spiritual fruit and tea were available at his fingertips.

While Austin and his followers took their seats, the waiting maid began to make tea for them.

It turned out that every VIP room was also equipped with a waiting maid for service.

With everything prepared and set, the beginning of the auction was soon to commence.

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