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   Chapter 1007 Thousand-meter-tall Giant Pot (Part Two)

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"I should put those worries out of my mind at this moment. Under such situation, we have to act flexibly."

Austin made up his mind.

"Violet, could you please help me disguise my spiritual soul now?"

Austin talked to Violet by his spiritual sense.

On receiving Austin's request, Violet released her beast soul energy. That energy entered Austin's Soul Sea. Then it turned into a bunch of mysterious symbols, which covered Austin's spiritual soul, now presenting itself in shape of an about half a meter tall spiritual tree.

"Master, I felt your spiritual soul undergo a change. It has become very strange for me. What happened?"

The Sect Supremo had been beside Austin. His voice was filled with astonishment.

He was an outstanding person and at the Tribulation Realm, so his capacity of recognizing spiritual sense was very striking.

In a moment, he was able to perceive the spiritual soul released from Austin had changed from head to toe, as if it came from another person.

"Ha ha! You are right. I had to change it, or trouble will follow us endlessly and leave no time for us to breathe.

Now, I guess it's time to head for the city. Let's go!"

Saying so, Austin waved his hand as a gesture to tell them to follow him. He landed on the ground first and walked towards the entrance of the Graystone City.

Receiving Austin's instruction, the six of them followed him.

The Sect Supremo looked at the back of Austin as he kept walking ahead of them, and there was an element of surprise in his eyes.

He realized that in the recent days, Austin became more and more mysterious. He was unable to see through his master.

Being a powerful cultivator who was at the Tribulation Realm, he clearly knew how difficult it was for a cultivator to change his spiritual soul.

And even a powerful person in the preliminary stage of Tribulation Realm, like him, was unable to change hi

g in mind, Austin passed by her in deep silence, lest she would notice him.

Austin suggested that it would be better to find an inn and rest for some time. Accompanied by those six servants, he looked here and there curiously.

"Wow! Look there! It is such a giant pot! How could it be so large like this?"

Suddenly, the words caught Austin's attention and his eyes searched the area to spot the object which had been described.

He was surprised to see a giant, black pot. It stood at the central part of the Graystone City. It was so tall as if it was touching the sky.

This giant pot seemed to be made of stone and was being exhibited on the broad square which was located in the central part of the Graystone City.

Austin roughly calculated its height and realized that the giant, black pot was at least one thousand meters high! It was exorbitantly large!

Its surface was engraved with designs of mountains, rivers, and various kinds of diabolic beasts, evil spirits, gods and demons. Yet, at the outset it looked really colorful.

"This pot does not seems like a common pot. It has to be different. It's unique."

Austin's eyes were totally fixed on that giant black pot. He was filled with amazement and curiosity as he kept staring at the pot.

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