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   Chapter 1006 Thousand-meter-tall Giant Pot (Part One)

Rebirth of Martial God By Wo Chi Mian Bao Characters: 6657

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Almost half the day had passed, and an extremely giant city gradually appeared at the edge of the horizon in front of them. Its walls were painted grayish black. Those black walls enveloping the whole city sent a message to every one passing by, about what it was.

"Master! That is the Graystone City!"

said the leader of the Wolf Gang in an exciting voice while he was flying beside Austin.

At this moment, a few other people were also flying in line with Austin. With no exception, all of the travelers following Austin had a cultivation base which was above the level of the Astral Realm.

There were six companions flying with Austin.

Besides the leader of the Wolf Gang, two of the other five people were those who had reached the preliminary stage of Astral Realm; one of them was the Sect Supremo of the Heaven Pavilion Sect. The remaining two had reached the premium stage of Astral Realm.

These six people were Austin's servants. They were not the only servants that Austin had, but they were the most powerful among the rest of servants he possessed.

So, where were the rest of the servants? Those who had reached the cultivation base of the Master Realm or the Imperial Realm were comparatively weak in strength. So Austin didn't let them fly with him. Instead, he made them stay in the City model he was carrying with him.

The City model was so spacious that Emma and Debby were also able to stay in there.

Austin had his own reasons to keep them also in the City. There were two reasons he had considered: first, their cultivation base was not high enough. Both, Emma and Debby, had only reached the preliminary stage of Imperial Realm; second, they were very pretty and could invite trouble. Keeping these things in mind, Austin suggested that it was safe for them to stay in his City, where they would be safer.

"Oh! So, I finally get to see the Graystone City."

Hearing the leader's inform him about the place which they were nearing, Austin nodded


Hearing the reply, Austin was filled with worry and apprehensions.

As far as Austin knew, many forces and sects in the South Continent of the Prime Martial World had already got his portrait.

What was more annoying was the fact that large amount of powerful forces must have recorded the scent and vibe of his spiritual soul, which would help them quickly locate him.

'What if most of those sects and forces have come to the auction?

It is very likely that I will be trapped in a very dangerous situation and would in very possible way expose myself to the enemy, '

Austin thought, with a bitter smile.

"Damn! It looks like it doesn't matter where I go, I will not be able to escape from being hunted down. What a mess!"

The smile on Austin's face turned bitter.

But he must take this risk, because he could not give up chasing the clues of the Dark Bone Gloomy Fire. And the auction of Graystone City was the place which was waiting exploration.

"Anyways, you must be alert. Be it at any time or any place, during the whole auction, you need to be cautious,"

the Sect Supremo advised in a tender voice. As a powerful member of the Tribulation Realm, he obviously knew that there were countless people from the South Continent of Prime Martial World looking out where Austin was, at present.

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