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   Chapter 1005 Major Achievement Stage With Swift Thunder Swordsmanship

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After they had enough fun with the Space Teleportation, the gnome found Austin and Violet a chamber for them to practice their skills and so he could also reinforce his breakthrough.

Violet chose to return to the Illusion Bead for more practice.

She was currently at the level of beast master, which was essentially equivalent to warriors of the Master Realm.

Seeing that the gnome had already achieved the level of Transformation Realm made her quite anxious.

There was still three days left until the auction at the Graystone City.

Austin had checked that it only took about one day from the headquarter of the Heaven Pavilion Sect to the Graystone City, so he decided to wait until the day of the auction before heading off to the Graystone City.

In the chamber, Austin once again took out five hundred divine vital energy crystals and laid them in front of him.

He then released the spiritual tree from his Soul Sea to take in the spiritual energy from the crystals.

In the span of a day, all the spiritual energy from all five hundred divine vital energy crystals had been fully absorbed by the spiritual tree.

The spiritual tree had grown a bit taller and Austin's spiritual sense had increased greatly.

As a result of this, a clear lake of spiritual sense appeared in the center of Austin's Soul Sea.

Small ripples broke out every now and then, as if a gentle breeze caressed the waters.

This lake of spiritual sense was a sign of Spiritual Sense Liquefaction.

Austin's spiritual sense had been growing stronger for the past two days, and the area of the lake had been expanding along with it.

There had been two acres of lake at the beginning and now there was almost three.

Every drop of water in the lake was condensed from Austin's spiritual sense.

In the middle of the lake, floating directly above was a small tree about half of a meter in height – it was the spiritual tree.

Austin's spiritual soul had fused with the spiritual tree, making it an embodiment of his spiritual soul.

Austin knew that with the every advance of his spiritual sense, the area of that lake in his Soul Sea would also expand.


sword aura

that appeared above the mountain where the chamber was located as it went up higher and higher.

It was a while before the sword aura disappeared from the sky.

Everyone might have guessed from whom it came from.

Inside the chamber, Austin stood quietly, sword in his hand.

He was still admiring his last strike.

"It looks like I have achieved Major Achievement Stage with my Swift Thunder Swordsmanship,"

he muttered to himself.

Throughout his practice, not only did he manage to advance his Swift Thunder Swordsmanship to Major Achievement Stage, he also gained a deeper understanding of sword potential

and came close to mastering sixty percent of the sword potential.

The auction at the Graystone City was about to take place, therefore Austin didn't have much time to further study the sword potential.

However, he knew that he would be able to master sixty percent of the sword potential soon enough.

"Prepare to leave for the Graystone City,"

Austin instructed his servants telepathically.

In about half an hour, everyone was assembled.

Austin only brought the Sect Supremo and two senior members of the Astral Realm from the Heaven Pavilion Sect with him.

The rest of senior members of the Astral Realm, including the sect leader, were left at the Heaven Pavilion Sect to keep things running.

Austin then embarked on his journey with his companions towards the Graystone City.

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