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   Chapter 1005 Space Teleportation (Part Two)

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Upon using his spiritual sense, he found that the turbulence in the area were so extremely fierce and powerful that even a Tribulation Realm cultivator could be torn into pieces in just a second upon encountering it.

"What is this place? Where are we?"

Violet asked in fear, her voice slightly trembling.

"This is the Chaotic Space. It is relative to the Real Space we live in, but it is a broader independent space.

The only way you can walk in this Chaotic Space safely is if you have acquired the spatial force.

The Space Teleportation I was talking about entails entering this Chaotic Space from a certain position in the Real Space, and then going back to the Real Space from a certain position in this Chaotic Space,"

the gnome said.

"Before my breakthrough, my teleportation ability was still weak, so I could only cross the space by myself.

But this time it's different—my teleportation ability has improved a lot.

Therefore, I can now bring someone to go with me.

But of course, there is still a limit. I can only bring about two or three people with my current ability. I cannot bring any more than that.

What's more, I can only teleport us up to 1000 kilometers away at most,"

the gnome continued.

After he finished talking, the gnome took them forward by about 1000 kilometers before stopping as promised.

And then, he used his spatial force to take them back to the Real Space.

After coming out of the Chaotic Space, Austin and Violet found themselves in a beautiful valley ridden with beautiful flowers and flying birds.

All of a sudden, they were not in the cultivation room anymore.

They really had performed a Space Teleportation.

Austin and Violet could not help

emo looked at Austin with eyes full of admiration.

"Ha-ha. Well, how are your injuries?"

Austin asked with a smile on his face.

"I have recovered by about 70% now. I will be fully recovered in no time.

My quick recovery was only possible thanks to the Magic Sea Water you sent me. Without it, I would not have been able to recover so soon,"

the Sect Supremo replied gratefully.

"That's good. You may rest for two more days. After that, we will travel to the Graystone City together, and join in the auction of the Graystone City,"

Austin said.

"All right,"

the Sect Supremo said in response.

Then, without warning, the space where Austin, Violet and the gnome stood twisted again, and they disappeared into thin air.

Right after they left, the Sect Supremo was immediately overcome with shock again. A few minutes later, he got over it and finally got his sense back.

"My master is so mysterious that he can even perform a Space Teleportation!

Now, my life is literally in his hands, and we will be together both in fortune and disaster. I hope he will not let me down,"

the Sect Supremo murmured to himself.

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