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   Chapter 1004 Space Teleportation (Part One)

Rebirth of Martial God By Wo Chi Mian Bao Characters: 5993

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Inside the secret cultivation room Austin had been staying in, Violet and the gnome jumped out of the Illusion Bead.

To their surprise, the gnome was now surrounded by huge waves of demonic aura. More than that, powerful demonic energy, which could be seen with the naked eye, was circling his body.

A little while later, the whole room became filled with heavy demonic aura.

Austin immediately connected his Space Ring and activated it. Then, he took out large amounts of superior vital energy crystals, divine vital energy crystals, herbs and elixirs from his Space Ring and put them on the ground in front of the gnome. When he finished, the room suddenly became crowded.

"Let's go, Violet. Let the gnome do his business. We will guard him from outside the room,"

Austin said. Then, he and Violet left the gnome alone with all of the treasures.

After the two left the room, the gnome finally had the quietness he needed to try to make the breakthrough with all his strength.

Meanwhile, Austin and Violet quietly waited outside the room the whole time, wondering how long would it take before the gnome successfully broke through.

There were even times when they could hear the sound of wind blowing fiercely from inside the room due to the powerful demonic energy.

Two seemingly long days later, everything finally seemed to quiet down.

"Kid, Violet, you may come in now."

All of a sudden, the two heard a familiar voice coming from the room. However, something was different.

"What was that?" they muttered in confusion.

The moment they heard the voice, they were immediately stunned because this voice was not sent using spiritual sense to their Soul Seas like the gnome would usually do. Instead, it was directly spoken from someone's mouth.

Eager t

ability improved quite a lot,"

the gnome said.

"Kid, Violet, come here and stand by my side,"

the gnome suddenly said to Austin and Violet.

Even though they were confused by the gnome's request, they still did as he asked and inched closer to him.

The gnome stretched out his two front paws and placed them on their shoulders.

All of a sudden, both Austin and Violet felt a strange energy coming from the body of the gnome as the space around them began to twist.

Then, led the gnome, they found that they had crossed the space boundary and entered another space.

The space they had entered seemed to be quite unstable as it kept twisting like some magic land.

The only thing they could see was the gray, hazy chaotic gas that constantly rolled around the whole area.

Meanwhile, several energy waves similar to the space storm and the space-time turbulence appeared in the distance.

To put it simply, neither space nor time mattered in that place—everything was just extremely unstable.

Austin found his curiosity about the energy turbulence bubbling, so he used his spiritual sense to get a better reading of it. Then, his face turned pale all of a sudden.

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