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   Chapter 1003 The Gnome Is About To Break Through

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"Who are you? Where do you come from?" questioned the Heaven Pavilion Sect's Sect Supremo. He was trapped at the bottom of a pit that was a few hundred meters deep.

He appeared listless and extremely weak. Anger, resignation, and defiance reflected in his eyes.

He knew that in his present state, he was powerless against his opponent.

However, as a cultivator at the Tribulation Realm, he did not want to submit to a man at the Master Realm.

"Oh, you want to know where I come from, huh?

All right. I'll tell you."

Austin would love to have the Sect Supremo as his servant.

After all, having a servant at the Tribulation Realm would significantly enhance his power.

"My name is Austin Lin. As you are a master at the Tribulation Realm, you must have heard of me."

Austin communicated with the Sect Supremo through his spiritual sense.

"Austin... Austin Lin!?"

After listening to Austin's words, the Sect Supremo froze. Then, he muttered, "Your name sounds familiar." In the next second, the Sect Supremo remembered where he had heard Austin's name before.

"Are you the Austin Lin? The person who got the four archaic weapons from the ancient master's house in the Middle World Waters?"

At the realization, the Sect Supremo's expression turned to utter shock and disbelief.

Recently, rumors about this young man had spread throughout the South Continent of the Prime Martial World.

Of course, the Sect Supremo of the Heaven Pavilion Sect had heard of Austin.

He had even considered finding Austin and taking his archaic weapons.

He never thought that Austin would find him or that Austin would wound him seriously.

"Yes, it's you. You're Austin Lin...

The thunder unicorn... I should have guessed your identity."

The Sect Supremo suddenly remembered the thunder unicorn with whom he had fought a long battle.

He finally confirmed that the man in front of him was the legendary Austin.

"Well, now you know who I am.

I'll give you 30 seconds.

You need to decide whether or not you are willing to pay allegiance to me.

If you refuse to work for me, you will surely die."

Austin glowered at the Sect Supremo. Murderous intent reflected in his eyes.

Half a minute later, the helpless Sect Supremo made his choice.

"Well, Austin, I'd like to pay allegiance to you.

You are a remarkable and extraordinary person.

It would be my honor to work for you."

Austin was thrilled when the Sect Supremo pledged his loyalty. He instructed the Sect S


Austin then examined his spiritual tree and learned that it had grown by half a centimeter!


The spiritual tree has only developed a little even though it absorbed a thousand divine vital energy crystals.'

The result left Austin speechless!

Perhaps it was the dozen pieces of spiritual wood left by the Lu Clan that had led the spiritual tree to increase from the size of a little finger to half a meter.

After all, spiritual wood stored a tremendous amount of energy.

'In the future, I shall have to pay a great price for the spiritual tree's development.'

Helplessness enveloped Austin.

Despite the below-expectation growth of the spiritual tree, it brought undeniable benefits.

For starters, Austin's spiritual sense received another upgrade!

After he reached this new level, Austin began to practice the Golden Sun Scripture.

A disturbing thought occurred to Austin. The upgrade meant that his physical and spiritual powers were far above the level of his vital energy's cultivation base.

His cultivation base, so to speak, had weakened his overall strength.

In other words, Austin's cultivation base had become a liability.

To ensure that there was balanced growth between his physical and spiritual powers and his vital energy's cultivation base, Austin spent time improving his vital energy cultivation base.

"Good news, master."

In the middle of his cultivation, Violet sent Austin a message using her spiritual sense.

"The Magic Sea Water is indeed helpful! The gnome is about to reach a breakthrough!"

"Wow, the gnome is about to break through!"

Austin was thrilled at the news Violet shared with him.

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