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   Chapter 1001 Defeat The Sect Supremo (Part One)

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"How dare you! You are being so rude! Don't flatter yourself, boy!"

Nobody abandons the Heaven Pavilion Sect! If the Heaven Pavilion Sect was destroyed, we shall die with it!"

A senior member of the sect whose cultivation base in the Astral Realm roared angrily at Austin.

The furious senior member was a high ranking member of the Heaven Pavilion Sect who was considered by the other members to be one of the most powerful persons in all of the sect. The downside was, he was immensely arrogant and proud. Thus, his pride was what caused him to be angered by Austin's words.

Austin gazed at the senior member reluctantly. Then, with a quick swing of his hand, he grasped his Lightning Sword and immediately attacked, slicing the senior member in half with the sword aura.


In a blink of an eye, the senior member fell silent as the two halves of his body fell to the ground.

It was, indeed, a gruesome sight to see.

"What have you done? You heartless monster! You did all this because you had an issue with Tom? True, he was a disciple of our sect, but so what?

I don't care what Tom did to you in the Six Master City! You have gone too far! You killed Tom and his son. Haven't you had enough?

There is no reason for you to keep killing the members of the Heaven Pavilion Sect relentlessly,"

another senior member of the Heaven Pavilion Sect said angrily while pointing at Austin. He was so full of resentment that he could not stop himself from trembling.

The Heaven Pavilion Sect was not one of the top powers in the Triangle Zone.

However, in the hundred years that it had existed, it had never been unfortunate enough to be as on the brink of death as it was in that moment.

"What's the problem?

How come you still don't understand that

All in all, Austin gained more than thirty servants whose cultivation base was in the Astral Realm.

"Lock down the whole headquarters of Heaven Pavilion Sect completely. Don't let anyone get out!"

Austin ordered his new servants.

Those who were after Austin knew full well that he had a thunder unicorn with him. He now used the thunder unicorn there.

Once the others caught wind of Austin's whereabouts, he was sure to get into countless trouble.

In that moment, the thunder unicorn was simultaneously having an intense fight against the Sect Supremo on the mountain peak.

They were so well-matched in strength that it was initially difficult to see who could defeat the other.

Austin watched for a while, and then he found that even though it was, in many ways, an equal fight, the thunder unicorn was still a little stronger than the Sect Supremo.

"You son of a bitch!

You destroyed our Heaven Pavilion Sect!

If I survive today, I swear I will kill you one day!"

Even though the Sect Supremo was occupied with fighting against the thunder unicorn, he was also well aware of how Austin had coerced and tamed the senior members in the Heaven Pavilion Sect.

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