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   Chapter 1000 Call Out Your Elder (Part Two)

Rebirth of Martial God By Wo Chi Mian Bao Characters: 5943

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The gigantic palm formed by the Sect Supremo's vital energy was soon smashed into smithereens.

"No freaking way! That's the thunder unicorn only heard in legend!"

The Sect Supremo's face drained of all its blood.

For the first time in his life, he laid eyes upon the legendary thunder unicorn!

The fight between the thunder unicorn and the Sect Supremo intensified as both sides reinforced their strengths.

Mighty vital energy forces from the old man collided with the flashing lightning from the thunder unicorn and turned the surrounding area into a sea of chaos. Both heaven and earth shook under the tremendous collisions of energy.

The ground caved and collapsed in many places, revealing clefts and ravines of different sizes.

Rocks and dust rolled down from the peak of the hill to form streams of mud. They destroyed everything in their paths and leveled the thick woods and palaces into nothing.

The Heaven Pavilion Sect disciples who didn't act fast were buried immediately. And those who were lucky to escape the streams of mud were blown into ashes by the powerful collision blasts from the fight.

Everyone stampeded to escape. No one wanted to get involved in such a fierce yet destructive fight. They ran as fast as they could, their faces pale.

Austin felt rather shocked as well.

He felt fortunate that he had decided to send the thunder unicorn to fight for him. He would be badly hurt if he took on the Sect Supremo himself.

Since there was no need for him to meddle in the fight, Austin focused his attention on the Astral Realm warriors from the Heaven Pavilion Sect.

"A good opportunity to take care of all of you!"

Austin murmured as he manipulated the transmission force of the City model to summon all of his servants

to get back up and fight back again.

Austin felt extremely satisfied as he gazed at all the badly injured warriors in front of him. His fighting capability hadn't fail him yet!

It seemed his spiritual sense had dramatically increased since he absorbed the power of the spiritual tree. This fundamental change brought a sharp rise in his fighting capability!

At his current state, he could kill an Astral Realm warrior as easily as stamping an ant to death.

And when it came to Master Realm and Imperial Realm warriors, he even didn't have to move his fingers. He was able to kill them by merely launching his spiritual sense. In a fraction of a second, they were dead.

The integration of the energy of the spiritual tree into his body had brought a drastic change to Austin's fight capacity.

"Listen, there are just two choices for you at this moment," Austin announced coldly, his face ominous.

He paused a moment as if choosing his words. Then he shouted, "Hand me your spiritual orbs or die!" The last word echoed darkly in the air.

He slowly swept his eyes across all the superior warriors from the Heaven Pavilion Sect. His gaze was colder than his words.

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