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   Chapter 998 Call Out Your Elder (Part One)

Rebirth of Martial God By Wo Chi Mian Bao Characters: 6018

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The old man in black robes landed the slope, swift and agile as he walked rapidly down the hill. He walked so quickly that his sleeves ballooned in the air. As he approached, a strong vital energy force dispersed silently on the slope.

Expressions of shock were written on everyone's faces. They were all feeling a stir of their own vital energy forces in their bodies, which were apparently influenced by the old man's presence.

This truly proved how powerful a Tribulation Realm warrior was.

"It's you, Sect Supremo! We didn't expect that you would come in person for such a trivial matter," a voice addressed the old man politely.

Over thirty superior warriors from the Heaven Pavilion Sect strode up to him, bowing with due respect.

The Sect Supremo looked in askance at Austin. A subtle expression of surprise reflected on his face.

Austin, however, was totally calm in front of the Sect Supremo from the Heaven Pavilion Sect. There was even a trace of a smile on his lips. With a composed manner, he regarded the Sect Supremo as if he was a familiar sight.

Then the Sect Supremo looked away, retaining his usual arrogant composure as a senior warrior. He immediately initiated his spiritual sense in every direction, and the strong sensing energies rolled away in waves.

Sheer silence hung heavy in the air.

Apparently, the Sect Supremo's spiritual sense was unable to detect anything.

"Where is your elder? Let him or her out!"

The Sect Supremo had noticed that Austin was just at the level of Master Realm in terms of cultivation base.

So the boy was not the one who had peeped into his secret room with a tremendous spiritual sense. Whoever the person was, he or she must be at a level of martial arts much higher than the boy's. The Sect Suprema had never en

n Astral Realm warriors. That was a hard fact that Austin had to admit.

Austin's vital energy was quite formidable at present, and was able to defeat many Astral Realm warriors.

Compared with Tribulation Realm warriors, however, he was much weaker. It would be virtually impossible for him to defeat any Tribulation Realm warriors with his current strength.

So he stood no chance of winning over the Sect Supremo from the Heaven Pavilion Sect, no matter how much physical strength or vital energy skills he used. He could try, but he would very much likely lose.

"It seems I must use the thunder unicorn to defeat this old man.

In that case, I'll have to kill all the Heaven Pavilion Sect guys here or take all of them as my slaves.

It's the only way to keep my whereabouts secret."

Austin had made his decision quickly.


A fierce thunder-like roar of an animal resounded in the air. Rays of lightning flashed before a gigantic ferocious beast appeared on the hill.

It let out a succession of several loud neighs.

Every time it opened its mouth, over a dozen brilliant tree-trunk thick lightning bolts flashed out from it and darted directly at the Sect Supremo.

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