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   Chapter 998 The Sect Supremo

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Austin summoned twenty Spiritual Sense Flying Spears and stabbed them straight into the twenty disciples' Soul Seas.

The ones of the Imperial Realm were killed at once.

The others of the Master Realm were screaming in agony on the ground before they eventually died.

Austin, meanwhile, stood there with his hands clasped behind his back, watching them with a blank face.

After his spiritual soul fused with the spiritual tree, the strong power of his spiritual sense attack was far beyond his own expectations.

He had never expected that progress in the spiritual sense could make such a big difference. There was still a long way to go for him in terms of upgrading his spiritual sense, and he was confident about his ability.

The other disciples of the Heaven Pavilion Sect whom Austin had spared were frightened to the core.


This guy knows sorcery!"

"Go tell the sect leader and our elders! Be quick!"

Every member of the Heaven Pavilion Sect on the spot began trembling in fear.

None of them had the nerve to move forward, but they stepped backwards subconsciously. Some of them just turned around and ran away.

They knew they were in a big trouble now. They didn't even see Austin make a move before he neatly killed their fellows. The only reason they could think of was that he had used sorcery.

Otherwise, how could he have killed twenty strong cultivators in a flash without even exerting any martial arts skills? Even an Astral Realm cultivator didn't have the capacity to do that.

"Who are you?

Why did you come here and stir up trouble? Now that you have provoked the Heaven Pavilion Sect, we will make you pay a heavy price."

A powerful voice boomed from the air. More and more strong cultivators had rushed there.

After the news was reported to the Heaven Pavilion Sect's leadership that more than fifty of their disciples were killed by a single warrior in just a few minutes, the leaders headed hastily there at full speed. How could they allow anyone make such a big trouble at their headquarters? He was humiliating the Heaven Pavilion Sect.

Austin's spiritual sense told him that more than thirty Astral Realm cultivators were rushing to here from all over the mountain.

Five of them were at the premium stage of Astral Realm, ten at the medium stage of Astral Realm, and the rest at the preliminary stage of Astral Realm.

"Wow! The Heaven Pavilion Sect is so much stronger than the Wolf Gang," Austin murmured.

He knew that those Astral Realm cultivators must be the top rankers of the Heaven Pavilion Sect.

"You are so screwed now! How dare you kill our disciples at our headquarters?"

yelled a cultivator at the medium stage of Astral Realm. He was the first one who arrived. He activated his vital energy force, targeting Austin.

Austin immediately exerted his Demon-creating Skill.

The next second, a spiritual demon appeared in the Astral Real

So he decided to get out of close range first to aim attacks one by one, which was the easier way to defeat them.


When the others saw Austin throw the cultivator away with only one blow, they gasped in pure shock.

They were in disbelief that a cultivator at the premium stage of Master Realm could be so strong and powerful.

"It's your turn!"

When they were still stunned by Austin's aggressive attack, he had exerted his Thunderbolt Movement Skill and flew to another Astral Realm cultivator.

Austin's spiritual demon and twenty Spiritual Sense Flying Spears went straightly into the unlucky fellow's Soul Sea.

The cultivator, who was only at the preliminary stage of Astral Realm, widened his eyes in pain. His face twisted in misery at the agony of his spiritual soul being attacked fiercely.

Then a punch from Austin catapulted him into the air forcefully.

He became seriously injured as well.

"Let's go to him together!

He's so strong! We have to work together!"

The leadership of the Heaven Pavilion Sect were all getting nervous now.

They were dumbstruck by the very fact that Austin defeated two Astral Realm cultivators in such a short time.

When they activated their vital energy in preparation for the upcoming fight against Austin, a sudden voice attracted their attention.

"Who's created such uproar in the Heaven Pavilion Sect?"

The voice rumbled the sky like a thunder from a peak. Immediately, the weather changed. The powerful voice was accompanied by a strong gust of wind, sweeping over the trees around them.

"It's the Sect Supremo! He came out of his seclusive cultivation!"

The leadership of the Heaven Pavilion Sect, all looking up to the source of the voice, gaped in awe. Admiration sparkled in their eyes.

"The real decision maker has finally arrived."

Austin was looking in the same direction too. Suddenly, an elder in black came into his sight, hovering in the air.

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