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   Chapter 996 Enchantment

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"Get yourself ready. In about half a day, we will head for the Heaven Pavilion Sect,"

Austin informed Tyson through his spiritual sense.

He took out 400 divine vital energy crystals.

Then, he summoned the spiritual tree from his Soul Sea so that it could absorb the spiritual energy from the crystals.

Now that the spiritual tree was fully integrated into his soul, Austin wanted to speed up his spiritual sense cultivation.

With his current strength, he could take out even Astral Realm masters at the premium stage.

But considering the fact that Tribulation Realm masters were far stronger than Astral Realm masters, he was still quite unsure whether he was already strong enough to defeat them or not.

And since the Sect Supremo of the Heaven Pavilion Sect had already reached the preliminary stage of Tribulation Realm, Austin thought that the thunder unicorn alone might not be able to bring him down.

Taking that into consideration, Austin planned on using his spiritual sense along with the thunder unicorn to deal with the Sect Supremo.

That way, his chances of winning would be significantly bigger.

A while ago, the power of Austin's spiritual sense doubled. By now, his spiritual sense was stronger than that of Tribulation Realm cultivators at the preliminary stage.

In spite of that, he still wanted to improve his spiritual sense as fast as he could.

That way, he could improve the odds of him prevailing over that powerful Sect Supremo.

Six hours passed by.

Finally, the spiritual tree finished drawing spiritual energy from the divine vital energy crystals.

As soon as it finished, it then turned the energy into spiritual sense.

And once again, Austin's spiritual sense was greatly enhanced.

Without missing a beat, he recalled the spiritual tree back to his Soul Sea and got out of his room.

"Let us now go to the headquarters of the Heaven Pavilion Sect!"

Austin informed his servants and the two maids through his spiritual sense.

Moments later, over thirty men, Emma and Debby, gathered in the lobby of the castellan's residence.

Not wanting to waste any time, Austin sent all of them to the City at once.

Then, he activated his Thunderbolt Movement Skill and headed for the headquarters of the Heaven Pavilion Sect.

Half a day flew by.

After hours of travelling, Austin decided to stop above the breathtaking mountains.

He looked down and saw eighteen towering mountains, each featuring enchanting waterfalls, rivers, and unbelievably tall trees.

The moment he saw the beautiful scenery, he immediately became fascinated by it.

The streams and the flowers in b

though? I shall continue testing out my spiritual sense to find out," Austin muttered as he put his hands behind his back.

Austin looked like an unpredictable man as he stood on the slope with his clothes dancing in the air.

He shot another Spiritual Sense Flying Spear towards one cultivator at the Master Realm.

At once, that cultivator fell on his knees while tightly gripping his head.

He let out a shrill cry as he grimaced in pain.

He felt a Spiritual Sense Flying Spear chasing after his spiritual soul in his Soul Sea.

He tried to ward it off, but since that spear contained great spiritual power that was far greater than his, he was unable to do so.

All his soul could do was to run away in an attempt to dodge the spear.

In just a few minutes, his soul had been hit several times over.

Slowly, his screech faded away.

Fear was still etched all over his face as he lay on the ground motionless and not breathing.

Just like the others, his spiritual soul had been destroyed by Austin.

'It looks like a Spiritual Sense Flying Spear is also enough to take out a Master Realm cultivator even though it takes some time to do that, ' Austin thought.

In general, he was quite satisfied with the power of his current spiritual sense.

"Who in the world are you? Why did you barge into our headquarters and slay our men?" another man questioned.

The man who spoke was one of the members of the Heaven Pavilion Sect who had besieged Austin.

Even though none of them saw Austin make a move, they were still thoroughly convinced that the stranger had something to do with their companions' death.

Most of those who witnessed how their companions lost their lives suspected that Austin had performed some wicked enchantment.

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