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   Chapter 996 Refine The Spiritual Tree

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Austin waved his hand. Then, the sapling of the spiritual tree flew towards him and landed on his palm.

If what Wally said was true, the spiritual tree could be placed inside the Soul Sea and be integrated with the spiritual soul.

Austin released his spiritual sense. It was able to get the sapling wrapped inside it.

Suddenly, touched by Austin's spiritual sense, the sapling responded with a pulsing green light which was emitted from its body.

Austin tried to use his spiritual sense to drag the sapling towards his Soul Sea gradually and carefully.

As expected, being pulled by Austin's spiritual sense, the sapling moved very slowly towards him.

Several heartbeats later, the sapling stopped just before it reached the place between Austin's eyebrows.

A warrior's Soul Sea was usually located near the space between his eyebrows.

Then, the sapling transformed itself into a green light.

Being pulled by the spiritual sense, it disappeared and then showed itself inside Austin's Soul Sea.

Austin succeeded.

Excitement was truly evident on his face.

Next, he had to try and integrate his spiritual soul with the sapling of the spiritual tree.

Inside the Soul Sea, Austin's spiritual soul moved towards the floating sapling.

However, as Austin's spiritual soul reached out small hands and was about to touch the sapling, it responded.

The sapling rushed to the spiritual soul.

The next moment, Austin could clearly sense the start of the integration between the spiritual soul and the sapling.

Inside his Soul Sea, Austin's spiritual soul constantly changed its form. It could be either a green sapling or a man. It changed randomly from time to time.

Shadows of a sapling and a man appeared and disappeared alternatively until they finally fused together.

A few heartbeats later, Austin's spiritual soul and the sapling of the spiritual tree finally merged into one entity.

At that critical moment, Austin suddenly sensed the great improvement in his mind and soul. His five senses were also heightened significantly.

Along with that, his spiritual sense also became much stronger.

After the integration, Austin had a clear feeling towards his Soul Sea.

As the sapling of the spiritual tree grew bigger, his spiritual soul and spiritual sense grew bigger and stronger as well.


ensed the presence of the sapling and began to rotate.

To Austin's great surprise, the wooden pieces began to melt until they were reduced to a dozen green blobs of energy. These blobs of energy were then absorbed by the sapling.

After that, the sapling began to grow even more quickly than it did before.

It grew taller and thicker.

It continued to extract more energy until green leaves were eventually growing out of its limbs.

The sapling of the spiritual tree continued to grow until about half an hour later.

The sapling which used to be as small as a human being's little finger, was now half a meter long.

After that, Austin felt that his spiritual sense was strengthened even more.

His strength had completely doubled.

Austin took a deep breath and signed with relief.

The experience was so exciting that he had no words to explain his feelings at that moment.

His spiritual soul integrated with the sapling of the spiritual tree and had brought him infinite advantages along with his newly acquired strength.

It turned out that the spiritual tree was such a precious treasure.

Since then, it would be much easier and more convenient for him to cultivate his spiritual sense power.

"Master, we just received a message that the Heaven Pavilion Sect had already known about Tom and his son's deaths.

They must be plotting something right now."

Suddenly, Austin received a piece of spiritual message from Tyson.


The Heaven Pavilion Sect finally responded,"

Austin said with a sly smile on his face.

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