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   Chapter 994 Extraordinary Spiritual Tree

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an ample pile of wood in the corner of the poorly lit dungeon caught Austin's attention.

The pile consisted of ten pieces of hardwood. Each of which was as thick as the arm of a muscular grown man.

The pile glowed in indigo, as dim as the midnight sky.

Austin felt a sudden difference in the atmosphere. He was sure that there was a kind of special energy.

He was sure that this was the air that he had been very familiar with.

Without hesitation, Austin inhaled the air that oozed from the small pile of wood.

He then took a sapling out of his Space Ring.

It was a very small sapling.

It was the size of a man's pinky and was lively in green like a jade crystallizing at dawn.

The green light started to spread and fill the dungeon as if it was suddenly enveloped in grace.

Instantly everyone in the dungeon felt they were immersed in the sea of life

and a gentle, warm breeze caressed their once-tired faces.

It was like as if they were in spring when the sun was brightly shining and every creature was back from hibernation.

Austin acquired the sapling from Jim, the former master of that City model

and he always held to the thought that this sapling was extraordinary.

However, he had no idea what it was comprised of and what could be done with it that would be value adding for him.

He would never had thought that he could encounter a pile of wood that oozed of the same vibe as this sapling he was once gifted.

'Maybe the woods in this pile and this sapling were from the same kind of tree?'

Austin speculated given the clues present.

"Do you know anything about this pile of wood?"

Austin asked Tyson.

"Master, this pile of wood was left by our ancestor and it looks like Tom had gotten his hands on it.

I once heard from my father that this wood was from a tree called the spiritual tree.

That's all I know about the pile.

But my father, given his knowledge and experiences, may know a bit more,"

explained Tyson with the best of his abilities.

"Then please let your father take a look at this."

Austin couldn't wait to know the relationship between his sapling and the mysterious pile of wood.

Wally hurried to the dungeon shortly as he believed he was truly needed.

Now that he had reclaimed the city, he had been busier but he could not say 'no' to a friend in

me take this pile of wood."

Austin waved and a gentle vital energy force took the pile of spiritual wood into his Space Ring

along with the sapling in his hand.

"Sir, you killed Tom and his son

so that I can retake the fortune in this dungeon.

Anything you want, you shall have. It is even alright if you wish to take it all."

Wally ensured Austin seriously and sincerely.

It was nothing but the truth. If it hadn't been for Austin, all items in the dungeon would have been under Tom's purview or better yet transferred as his property.

"Ha-ha, rest assured. I won't take all these. The fortune in this dungeon has been accumulated by your ancestors for generations and I don't have the entitlement to own them."

Austin humbly assured them with a smile.

In the end, Austin took two hundred divine vital energy crystals together with the spiritual wood while all the rest was given back to Wally.

Wally was over joyed with such gesture. He couldn't thank Austin enough.

Austin, who just provided the sect something they were greatly thankful for, sent his servants and those two sisters to find their own place in this residence so they could have their well-deserved rest.

He then found himself a quiet room enveloped in peace as he sat down with legs crossed.

He then took out that sapling and the pile of wood, making them float in front of him.

Looking at his renowned green sapling, Austin took a deep breath to quench his excitement.

'Hopefully this tree is as good as Wally's story. If so, that would be truly extraordinary.'

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