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   Chapter 994 A Stack Of Wood

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''Young hero, thank you so much...''

Wally, Tyson's father, still had not fully recovered from the shock.

He gawked at Austin for a long time barely uttering a single word.

Austin's mightiness, decisiveness and ferocity left a deep impression on him.

''I'll leave these people to you now, ''

Austin slowly cast his eyes on the members of the Lu Clan.

''If you want to kill them, I'll do it for you.''

Austin clasped his hands behind his back while his clothes fluttered with the wind. His gesture and apathetic expression made him look formidable and unpredictable.

The head of the Wolf Gang and two other Astral Realm cultivators stood beside Austin respectfully. This gave him a certain air of importance and added more gravity to his legitimacy as a leader.

On the other hand, Tyson, Gordon and Jake stationed Austin's servants and one hundred corpse demons at the main gateways of the castellan's mansion. Emma and Debby also joined them.

Nobody was allowed to come in or go out without Austin's permission.

The members of Lu Clan, including the eight elders, did not try to put up any resistance after Tom's death. They all remained seated and observed everything that was happening with keen interest.

Among them, there were some distinguished delegates from the Six Master City.

After witnessing Austin's overwhelming power, they were not willing to put their lives in unnecessary danger or get involved in the turmoil.

Austin seemed to have the upper hand and was undoubtedly dominating the fight.

Wally experienced complex feelings as he observed his relatives who had ruthlessly betrayed the Lu Clan.

All the members of the Lu Clan lowered their heads out of shame at the sight of Wally.

''Listen! Tom had no blood bond with the Lu Clan.

Have you all forgotten the rules that were put in place by our ancestor? How could he become the leader of the Lu Clan?

You all ignored everything and chose to hold the candle to the devil basically guiding him on how to destroy your own backyard.

That's ridiculous! I could never have imagined that our Lu Clan of the Six Master City could have been corrupted like this one day!

How pathetic!

Ha-ha... ...''

Wally laughed sorrowfully in a grievous tone.

Hearing Wally's words, all the members of the Lu Clan lowered their heads more deeply in guilt and shame.

''Sorry, Wally. I let you down.

But I did not mean to betray you. Tom and his son threatened me. He threatened my wife and son's lives.

I really had no other choice.

But it does not change the fact that I've betrayed the Lu Clan. I've failed the Lu Clan and you as well.

When you were our leader, you respected and protected all of us.

Tom, instead, was a tyrant. While he

om after killing him.

''I already took Tom's Space Ring. I did not expect that he would have another underground palace for the storage of his treasure.

It seems that Tom had accumulated a great amount of wealth when he was the castellan,"

Austin said.

''Master, after Tom became the leader of our clan, he took over and kept all the wealth our clan had accumulated for hundreds of years as his own property.

That's a really big amount, '

exclaimed Tyson.

''I see.

Let's go and take a look.''

Austin became a little zealous at the thought of hidden treasure.

Moments later, under the lead of Tyson, they found a secret room at the very center of the castellan's palace. It was the room that Tom used to use for cultivation.

As they investigated the room further, they found a secret underpass in the room.

The stairs of the underpass were paved with smooth marbles, leading further down.

About one thousand meters below the ground, they finally arrived at the gate that led to the underground palace.

The gate was protected by about four Restriction Arrays.

Austin and his servants spent more than an hour before they could finally destroy all the Restriction Arrays.

Everyone was suddenly thrilled after walking into the underground palace.

The palace was filled with vital energy crystals, elixir, magic treasure and other items. They were littered everywhere beyond count.

Austin expressed his amazement as he checked the treasure.

Suddenly, A stack of wood at the corner of the palace drew Austin's attention.

The stack contained about ten pieces of wood. Each of which was as thick as an arm.

The stack of wood glowed, producing a faint blue light.

More importantly, Austin could feel the woods were releasing a special kind of energy.

And he was very familiar with it!

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