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   Chapter 992 The Heaven Pavilion Sect

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"Oh! !

Jamie! !

My poor son! !"

When Tom regained consciousness and saw his son, he went completely mad. Overwhelmed by grief, he began to scream hysterically.

"You fucking murderer!

You beat my son to death!

I swear I'll kill you!"

After seeing that Austin had killed his only son, Tom lost his mind. Tom was so devastated that he shrieked like a maniac.

There was nothing left in the world for him anymore. Tom had been an orphan. He didn't know who his parents were, and he had no relatives.

Jamie, his favorite son, was his only real family in the world.

Some time ago, Jamie had asked to marry Chyna and keep her as his seventh concubine. On the one hand, he wanted to humiliate Wally by being stubborn and pursuing the marriage despite the objections.

On the other hand, and more importantly, Jamie was a lecherous man, and Chyna's beauty was far too tempting for him to fight.

Tom loved Jamie enough to give him anything that he desired!

At this moment, Tom simply couldn't accept that his only favorite son lay dead in front of him.

In the midst of a frenzied roar, Tom suddenly rushed at Austin.

"I swear I'll kill you!"

Tom swooped at Austin like an eagle.

Suddenly, the eerie silence was replaced by shrill eagle screams, and Tom's fingers turned into talons. Then, several eagle-like shadows flew out from his fingers.

Hundreds of eagles, with their cold, bloodthirsty eyes and strong wings, swooped down on Austin.

Austin quickly used his Demon-creating Skill and launched a spiritual demon as well as the Spiritual Sense Flying Spears to attack Tom's Soul Sea.

Meanwhile, the golden giant ball in his elixir field flew out of his body. It emitted a dazzling light that encircled Austin and sent out a heat wave.

The eagle shadows approaching Austin were smashed to pieces by the golden ball. In an instant, hundreds of eagle shadows turned into ashes!

Then, using his Thunderbolt Movement Skill, Austin moved closer to Tom and slammed his fist at him. Austin released four million pounds of force in his attack.

"It's time for you to die!"

old man.

Within ten seconds, the black wolf had torn the old man into pieces.

And then, Austin waved his hand, and a hundred corpse demons with dark corpse miasma were released — each at the premium stage of Imperial Realm.

Some of the corpse demons belonged to Jim, who was already killed by Austin.

Thirty servants and a hundred corpse demons slaughtered all of Tom's confidants in the castellan mansion.

In less than 15 minutes, all of Tom's men were wiped out by Austin.

The clansmen from the Lu Clan in the hall didn't know what was going on yet.

All these events had happened too fast, too suddenly, and too unexpectedly.

Not long ago, Tom had the upper hand in the battle.

However, Austin had killed Tom, Jamie, and even the old man from the Heaven Pavilion Sect!

Since all this happened too quickly, it was too late for them to help Tom.

Moreover, many of the clansmen from the Lu Clan succumbed to Tom because they were afraid of him and the Heaven Pavilion Sect.

So they were not willing to sacrifice themselves for him.

And Austin did not attack the people from the Lu Clan as he wanted to let Wally deal with them.

"Master, thank you for your help!"

Tyson said gratefully to Austin.

Thanks to Austin, Wally finally had a chance to get out of trouble!

It was at this moment that Tyson had decided to be loyal to Austin for the duration of his life!

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