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   Chapter 991 Meat Pie

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Soon enough, Wally, Tyson's father, along with dozens of his men, peacefully entered the dimly lit hall.

"You brought help?"

Tom was stunned at first as it was overwhelming to see dozens of men following Wally.

The idea gave him a reason to smile with sarcasm.

'This city is my turf now. No matter how many men you bring, it will not help your authority, ' Tom thought to himself.

"Ha-ha, my dear brother, forgive my manners.

Now that my son is going to marry your granddaughter, we will be even closer, more like a family.

I am so excited as I think of it!"

Tom was sitting at the center of the hall. He laughed at what was happening yet he had no intention of leaving his seat to greet Wally.

"Ungrateful bastard. I should have killed you before when I had the chance.

It was my fault being soft and letting you leave this city! It greatly caused trouble that we still experience today!

Listen to me Tom and listen to me good. Your son, Jamie, is not going to marry my granddaughter!"

Wally pointed his finger at Tom as he shouted in anger.

Before his arrival, Austin had made it clear to him that there would be no reason for him not to proceed with his plan of massacring the entire residence of castellan.

So under such life and death circumstances, Wally would not hold anything back.


Tom was totally infuriated.

"Look around Wally. Observe. Just take a good look at the situation.

Do you really think that you are still the castellan of this city?

Wally, that bitch is going to marry to my son and be one of his wives

whether you like it or not.

I am warning you! Don't test me.

You know that I could have all your men slaughtered right here in this room just with a single command."

Wally would never have thought of how Tom could take such a tough stance. He even dared talking like this after four to five years of restraining himself from having a confrontation.

Anger raged in his heart and it reflected on his red face and shaking hands.


I am calling for a clan meeting where I will announce the matrimony between my son, Jamie, and Chyna.

If Wally dares to disobey this decision ruled by our clan, he shall be banished from the sect forever!"

Tom looked a bit ferocious with his face twisting.

"Wally! I don't think you have a chance when you are up against me."

Soon enough after the servant called for the members, the clan members were complete, ready to deliberate at the hall.

It was, indeed, an important event as lines of chairs and desks had been arranged prior to their arrival.

According to Austin's suggestion, Wall

cross the room.


Jamie screamed in unforgivable pain. Many bones on his head were fractured in an instant.

Austin exercised accurate control of his power

otherwise he could have easily turned Jamie into a blood mist with a force of two thousand tons.

The premise of Austin's attack was Tom and Jamie's being shameless and arrogant. He believed that torturing him would teach him a lesson he would never forget.


Austin laid his hand and slapped Jamie so hard

that he flew into the air.


Austin kicked Jamie once more as he was about to fall flat to the ground.

Austin managed to control his power so that he would just injure Jamie badly and not actually kill him.


Just as Jamie was about to fall, Austin launched another kick to bring him down.

In a very short span of time, Austin managed to send him a dozen more kicks that kept him in the air.

Jamie screamed in extreme pain.


Finally, Austin charged another kick, sending Jamie ten meters away towards the wall that eventually broke upon impact.

Jamie's body was shattered after being twisted and battered as if he had been turned into a pile of meat.

In a short span of time, the tables had turned. Jamie who first charged at Austin was now turned into a meat pie.

Because of the fast pace of everything that happened, the rest of the people didn't even get a chance to react accordingly.

It was known to them that Jamie was at the premium stage of Master Realm, so it was a surprise that he was defeated by an intruder.

However, just then as the vital energy force waved, they already figured out that Austin was also at the premium stage of Master Realm;

so no one would had thought that things could end like this.

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