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   Chapter 991 Visiting The Enemies' Residence Voluntarily

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Tyson's parents stammered at the sight of Austin's eyes bursting out a fierce killing intent.

Stunned for a while, they couldn't help but feel deeply worried—what if Austin failed to kill their enemies?

Although Tyson had already explained a little about Austin, the situation was by no means as simple as it seemed.

They still believed that as a warrior at the premium stage of Master Realm, Austin's combat power only could reach the level of Astral Realm at most, even though Tyson told them that Austin's strength was not weak at all.

Meanwhile, Tom and their other enemies had a large number of allies in the Six Master City. Their power should never be underestimated, especially with the strong support of a formidable Tribulation Realm master. They were worried that Austin's help wouldn't make a big difference.

As soon as the conflict between the two parties arose, the consequences would be too gruesome to imagine.

Based on their current strength, they definitely were unable to defeat the other side. They looked at each other, brows knotted.

"Please stay calm and don't act on a rash impulse!

We should not launch the fight first unless we have no other alternatives.

Utterly devoid of conscience, Tom and his sidekicks will carry out frenzied and unscrupulous revenge plots if we fail to defeat them. So we'd better stay far away from them!"

Tyson's parents dissuaded Austin. After all, he was also their son's friend and they didn't want him to get into unnecessary trouble.

And of course, their top priority was the welfare of their families.


Tyson hesitated and looked at his master, Austin.

"You don't need to say more,"

Austin replied at once and nodded at him.

Somehow, Tyson immediately knew what Austin was thinking. His master would definitely help him kill their enemies. With his help, all of the troubles Tyson's family faced would be resolved soon.

Greatly relieved, he took a deep breath.

"Father, mother, we can't swallow the insults in meek submission any more.

You can be assured that as long as my friend is willing to help, everything will be settled immediately!"

Tyson said eagerly to his parents. He was pretty sure they could win if Austin was helping. He earnestly spoke to them before a loud and abrupt voice interrupted from outside.

"Oh, so many people are here! Cousin Tyson, it's rare to see you here! Very well!

The wedding between me and Chyna will have another new witness.


Jamie said excitedly and burst out laughing. He had just let himself in without being invited.

Beside him was an old man, whose cultivation base was at the medium stage of Astral Realm.

He was also followed by a large number of servants who carried a number of red gift boxes, each printed with the word 'happiness', as well as a few big red wooden boxes.

Apparently, Jamie delivered the dowry according to tradition so that he could marry Chyna officially. He obviously thought he could marry her without asking her or her family's consent. It was sheer ego and arrogance.

Jamie was still laughing boist

so proud and pleased, beaming like the sun.

At that moment, in the middle of the hall, a sophisticated old man in a black robe sat steadily like a steady mountain. Thick waves of vital energy force hovered around his body.

In his eyes was an air of majesty, fit for a ruler of a city.

He was the Six Master City's current castellan, Tom.

Looking at the noisy and bustling atmosphere of his own mansion, Tom felt greatly satisfied.

'Good! The more people show up, the better!

Wally used to be the castellan, the most prominent figure of the Six Master City.

Now, I want the whole people of the Six Master City to see with their own eyes how I will torture that fool and his people slowly and cruelly until they all die!

Today, my son is going to marry Wally's granddaughter as his seventh wife.

Such a great shame, I can't wait for the whole people of the Six Master City to witness it.

Hahaha...!' Tom thought to himself, malice glimmering in his eyes. The more he thought about it, the more exuberant he became.

Meanwhile, he couldn't help but roar with crazy laughter.

"Castellan, I have a situation to report.

Wally, leading dozens of people, is waiting at the door!"

a guard who walked inside the hall reported abruptly at the moment. Tom then stopped his wild conjectures.


Wally really has the nerve to be here!"

Tom said in a surprised tone. He couldn't believe his ears.

He had thought the Wally and his family certainly would not show up on their own at his mansion tonight.

He had made relevant preparations long ago. If they didn't show up, he would order his sidekicks to drag them to his mansion.

It never occurred to him that Wally would come to his mansion voluntarily, and even early at that!

'Huh, it's so weird. What kind of tricks do you want to play?' Tom wondered. But he brushed the thought away. No matter what kind of tricks Wally was plotting, Tom told himself he would dismantle them with a snap of his finger.

"Well, just let them in!"

Tom replied at once and waved to the guard to usher them in.

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