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   Chapter 989 The Violation Of Ethics

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Before long, an old man and an old woman walked out together.

The grey-haired old man, wearing delicate clothes, carried himself with dignity.

However, resentment and helplessness were imprinted on his demeanor and expression.

He was in the medium stage of Astral Realm.

The old woman also looked dignified and graceful, and she was appropriately well-dressed for a woman of her stature.

It was easy to tell that even she had reached the premium stage of Imperial Realm.

"Tyson!" the old woman cried at the sight of Tyson.

"Tyson!" the old man resounded, excitement evident in his voice despite his stern demeanor.

Obviously, they were Tyson's parents.

"Father and mother, please forgive my unfilial behavior!"

Seeing the old couple, Tyson went down on his knees right away as a show of respect.


A man also arrived at the same time. He almost resembled Tyson in appearance, If not for his build he would have passed for Tyson's twin.

He was Tyson's younger brother.

Finally, the family got together. They had not seen each other in a long while and were therefore sentimentally immersed in reminiscing over the past.

Standing afar off, Austin and his fellows didn't want to disturb the cozy atmosphere and the well-needed family time.

After an hour of catching up on each other's lives, Tyson took his parents to meet Austin.

"Uncle and aunt, I'm so glad to meet you."

Austin moved forward and gave his respects to Tyson's parents.

Tyson's heart was overwhelmed. He was full of gratitude to Austin. Rather than a nobleman, he was now just his lowly servant who did not deserve such generous treatment.

However, Austin still treated him as a friend with dignity and respect instead of embarrassing him before his parents.

"Oh, it's very kind of you.

I know that Tyson follows your lead now. Please take care of him."

Tyson's father smiled kindly, gingerly entrusting Tyson to Austin.

Tyson didn't reveal the kind of relationship that he and Austin had, because he didn't want to break his father's heart or see the pain it would cause to him.

Thus, the only information he gave to his father was that Austin was a man with unfathomable power and exceptional ability. As a warrior in the premium stage of Master Realm, he was much stronger than he seemed to be.

"Let's have tea in the living room.

Our house is too humble for you. Please forgive the inconvenience we have caused,"

Tyson's father said, sounding a little dismayed and his face displaying his utter embarrassment.

It was so natural for him to behave that way since he used to be honorable as the castellan of the city, while now he could only afford to live in the shabby dwelling.

They all followed him and entered the living room of the house.

Tyson's father drank tea with Austin.

He had managed to convince Austin to sit at the

e cannot fight him. We're not able to defeat him.

Tyson, don't stir up trouble.

Since you just came back, maybe Tom hasn't noticed your whereabouts yet.

Get out of the Six Master City with your friends while you still can. Don't come back again.

Otherwise, once Tom discovers, you will lose your freedom like we did.

Hurry up, son. Prepare yourself and leave the city with Austin. Hurry up!"

Tyson's mother admonished him in a tone of helplessness.

At that moment, an unexpected guest appeared.

"Uncle, aunt, Lucius, I'm here to give you the betrothal gifts!


Lucius, if I marry your daughter as my seventh concubine, you will be my cousin and father-in-law.

This is so interesting. We will be brought even closer to each other through the marriage. What a happy ending!


An arrogant and unscrupulous voice was heard from outside.

Suddenly, Tyson's parents and Lucius began to tremble violently while gnashing their teeth in uncontained anger, at the obnoxious utterances made by the intruder.

The seventh wife? Cousin and father-in-law? These words were too harsh.

Even Austin was consumed with violent rage and his eyes shone fiercely at the offending intruder.

"What about Tom's cultivation base?"

Austin asked.

"Like me, he is also in the medium stage of Astral Realm, but the man behind him is an over-match in the preliminary stage of Tribulation Realm,"

Tyson's father told Austin as dread and helplessness appeared on his face just at the mention and thought of Tom's backer.

"I see. He is in the preliminary stage of Tribulation Realm,"

Austin mused.

"Tom's family members are all wicked beasts. How dare they violate the code of ethics? They must atone for their crimes with their lives.

Don't worry. I can handle this."

It was so bold-faced of Jamie to marry Lucius's daughter. Austin had been provoked by his violation of ethics.

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