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   Chapter 989 Clan Fight

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It had been a hundred years since Tyson had left the Six Master City. At the sight of his hometown, he looked thrilled and nervous.

Tyson's expression amused Austin. But deep inside, he understood how Tyson felt.

A few seconds later, Austin and his companions landed in front of the city gates. Then, they began their long walk.

Over ten armed soldiers in full armor guarded the gates. They took turns marching up and down, in two lines.

"Stop! Anyone who wants to pass needs to pay four hundred superior vital energy crystals,"

the leader of the team said as he blocked their way.

"What did you say?

Who made this rule?

In the past, the entry fee was only fifty superior vital energy crystals,"

Tyson retorted sternly.

'My father is in charge of this city. But now I am being asked to pay. How ridiculous!' he thought.

"Our castellan made this rule.

Do you have a problem with that?"

The captain's face darkened. He glared at Austin and his crew as he waited for them to reply.

The other guards stared at Austin and his friends as well. All of their expressions reflected the hostility they felt.

"How dare you?

Do you know who I am?" Tyson asked, irked.

Annoyed with the guards' reaction, he was on the verge of throwing a fit.

"Who cares? No one is allowed to enter the city without paying the four hundred superior vital energy crystals.

I think you have come here to make trouble."

The captain winked at his companions as he spoke. The other guards visibly tightened their grip on their weapons. They seemed ready to attack Austin and his companions.

"Never mind," Austin said to Tyson.

"We'll pay you," he said after turning to face the captain.

Then Austin took out a pile of superior vital energy crystals and tossed them on the ground in front of the captain.

Upon seeing the shiny vital energy crystals, the captain became less hostile toward them.

"Humph! Don't be so rude. If you want to live, you'd better behave yourself," the captain warned.

It wasn't until he had put away the vital energy crystals that he made way for Austin and his companions.

With a nod, Austin led his friends into the city.

Compared to Emerald City, this city was larger a

n trouble.

I can't show you around until I have investigated the matter.

How about this? You find an inn and check in first.

Once I have taken care of my family issues, we can head for the Graystone City,"

Tyson said to Austin.

"That's okay.

I'll come with you and see if I can help,"

Austin responded with a casual shrug.

Upon hearing this, Tyson was overjoyed.

"Thank you, master," he gushed.

It was evident that Austin was willing to help Tyson get back what initially belonged to his father.

He knew of his master's strength.

Tyson was aware that his father was in a difficult situation.

If Austin offered to help, there was no way that he would refuse.

Tyson guided Austin and the other companions away from the mansion.

On the way, he stopped frequently to inquire about Wally's location. Half a day later, they finally reached his father's residence.

When they arrived, Austin and his companions saw two servants were standing in front of the house.

Tyson introduced himself and asked to see his father.

"Master, Mr. Tyson is back," one of the servants exclaimed in joy as he turned and ran toward the house.

"Mr. Tyson, come in, please. Mr. Lu and Mrs. Lu have missed you very much. They often mention you." Another servant gushed as he led Tyson and his companions through the gate.

The servant was thrilled to see that Tyson had returned. After all, it had been a hundred years, and no one had heard from Tyson ever since.

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