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   Chapter 987 Got More Clues About The Dark Bone Gloomy Fire

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He immediately took out a ragged cloth from the Space Ring. It was printed with a blurred map and had paintings of scenery on it.

Austin had bought the shabby piece of cloth for a million of average vital energy crystals at the Ganges Auction House in the Peace Town.

According to the host at the auction house, the cloth was a clue about the Dark Bone Gloomy Fire.

But for a long time, Austin hadn't been able to figure out that hidden message.

He knew this cloth might be a map.

However, the scenery was not clearly painted and instead was blurred.

What was worse, there were neither words nor any signs on its surface.

It was almost impossible for him to find the Dark Bone Gloomy Fire only with that piece of worn-out cloth. He didn't know where to start at all.

So Austin had assumed that the piece of cloth was not the complete one––there must be something missing!

The only way to find the Dark Bone Gloomy Fire was to find other missing pieces of that fabric.

He didn't expect that the hints about the Dark Bone Gloomy Fire would be sold at an auction in Graystone City.

Numerous thoughts and possibilities flooded Austin's mind.

'Is it possible that the information about the Dark Bone Gloomy Fire sold at Graystone City happened to be the missing part of his ragged cloth?' he thought.

Maybe he would know where the Unearthly Fire was if he pieced those two fabrics together.

Austin swelled with anticipation at the mere thought of that possibility.

He then immediately decided to take part in the auction.

"When will the auction in the Graystone City be held?"

Austin asked that leader.

"Fifteen days later," that man answered.

Austin's eyes twinkled as he flashed a cheeky smile.

"Well, we are going to attend this auction.

Get yourself prepared.

We can't let this opportunity slide," Austin told that man.

Then, he summoned his more than thirty servants and the two sisters from the City.

The servants, Emma, and her sister Debby saw the eleven warriors at the Astral

heart to reject him and instead granted his request.

"Thank you so much!" Tyson yelled.

He was obviously ecstatic with Austin's consideration.

After a while, Austin gestured to end the meeting.

"That's it. Everyone, please prepare to pack up.

We'll start off soon," Austin commanded.

Several hours later, Austin, the servants, and the two girls left the Wolf Gang and headed for their first destination.

Austin let the leader of the Wolf Gang and two warriors at the preliminary stage of Astral Realm accompany him.

Meanwhile, the other eight warriors were left to guard the Wolf Gang stronghold.

Those important members of the group were now his servants.

So the Wolf Gang would definitely belong to him.

Austin would, by no means, let it dissolve and perish under his leadership.

He didn't use the Dragon and Phoenix Chariot this time because he wanted to spare divine vital energy crystals.

Instead, he flew all the way with the others.

About six days later...

A medium-size city appeared ahead of them.

Its walls were old and dilapidated, covered with green moss. Time had evidently left its marks on the city.

It was easy to know that the place had a long history.

"Master, that is the Six Master City ahead!"

Tyson was both excited and nervous as he caught a glimpse of his hometown after a long time.

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