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   Chapter 987 The Auction Of The Graystone City (Part Two)

Rebirth of Martial God By Wo Chi Mian Bao Characters: 11002

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"Very well. That is a wise decision. Now, you will gather your spiritual orb and hand it over to me."

Knowing that he might not know how, Austin instructed him like a true master would.

After receiving the instruction, the man clenched his teeth tight and hesitated for the one last time before accepting the subordination. Then he narrowed his eyes and handed over his spiritual orb to Austin and pledged his obedience.

The rest of the men knew that if they didn't do the same, the tragic ending of their two killed fellow brothers would become theirs. Thus, left with no choice, the rest of the Astral Realm cultivators of the Wolf Gang, one by one, handed over their spiritual orbs to Austin and became his subordinates. It was a spectacular as well as a heartbreaking scene.

The only man who waited till the last minute was Pompeo. Not once in his life had he dreamed of witnessing such a scene with his own eyes. However, he knew that the strongest became the king and Austin had proven his power. As much as he savored the feeling of being a leader, he had to hand it over to Austin and be one of his subordinates from this day on. Breathing out heavily, his eyes met Austin's. That's when he walked toward the young man and handed over his spiritual orb. It was a difficult move.

Austin looked at those men and smiled. The taste of victory was delicious indeed. He knew that if he had to kill the rest of the men he would do so since the Wolf Gang had a bad name and they tried to kill him a dozen of times. But he changed his mind. Now, whether they wished or not, the rest of the core force of Wolf Gang had pledged him as the new leader.

After all their spiritual orbs were handed over, accompanied by his new subordinates, Austin went directly to the headquarter of the Wolf Gang.

On their way towards the top of the mountain where the headquarter was situated, body parts and dead people were scattered everywhere. The blood hadn't dried completely which made the soil soft and mushy to step on. Nearly a couple of hundreds of people were killed by Austin. It was a terrible sight.

The bloody scene reminded everyone of how Austin had turned this place to a slaughterhouse and killed each of them with steady hands.

When the eleven men saw this their hearts tightened and they felt deeply hurt, yet for Austin, he didn't show even the slightest bit of sympathy. He was stone faced. He knew, fairly clearly that, more people were killed by the Wolf Gang compared to the number of people lying dead at his feet today. They didn't show their mercy while killing those innocent men and women, so why should he? Walking pass the fleshes with nothing written on his face, Austin didn't turn back his head. Not even once.

Soon, they reached the mountain top. When the rest of people from Wolf Gang ran out and tried to greet them, they found out that the homicidal maniac - Austin- had also come with them, standing right in front of the cultivators of their gang. They were astonished by the fact that Pompeo and the rest of the leader group let Austin breathe freely. They were also astonished that he was alive.

To their surprise, they seemed to catch a sense of obedience from the way Pompeo acted and talked to Austin -- full of cautiousness and discreetness

t him.

"What? The auction of the Graystone City? Tell me more about it."

Austin paused for a second. He never heard of such an odd event since the purpose of his travel was not about it.

"Oh. I thought that you have come for this particular purpose. Among all the cities in the Triangle Zone, there is this one city called the Graystone City. They hold an annual auction that will attract tons of the cultivators from all around.

For cultivators like us from the Triangle Zone, this auction is like a prestige issue for comparing with others.

I have heard from others that there will be a lot of good stuffs ready for auction this year, including some rare medicines, spells and treasures.

Not only did cultivators from the Triangle Zone could attend the event, like I said before, tons of cultivators from other part of the world would come together and attend the auction. It is like an annual fare.

I have met cultivators from the South Continent of the Prime Martial World myself. They wouldn't be the only foreigners coming for the auction. Each year, you can find some new faces representing different part of the world during the auction. It is exciting as well as chaotic at the same time.

That's why I asked you whether you've come to this city for the auction,"

explained Pompeo.

"Interesting. You have my attention now. Okay, let me ask you.

Do you have any information about what's going to be put on auction in the Graystone City this year? Anything unusual maybe?"

asked Austin.

"From what I heard from the insider, one thing that attracts most attention of the auction is a lead on Unearthly Fire. Loads of pill refiners are coming for it.

I am not sure about which kind of Unearthly Fire that lead belongs to. But, I did catch a few words. They said it's called the Dark Gloomy Bone Fire or something like that?"

Pompeo recalled.

"The Dark Bone Gloomy Fire!"

Although Pompeo addressed it incorrectly, Austin was as sure as stone that he was talking about the long-lost Dark Bone Gloomy Fire. He almost jumped out of his chair upon hearing the name of it. He was super shocked and excited. After all, he now had a new found goal.

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