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   Chapter 985 The Auction Of The Graystone City (Part One)

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"Oh, trust me on this one. You don't want to push any further! You won't lie the consequences at all,"

Pompeo yelled to threaten Austin with a deep voice contained raging anger. His facial muscles twitched and trembled noticeably.

"Oh? Are we talking about 'pushing further' now? I think no one would dare to claim to be better than the Wolf Gang. There are stains in your name and other cultivators have had enough of the savagery from your unruly useless gang. Now you ask me not to push you any further? Why pray? On what account?

You know what? I have shown my mercy and gave you two choices. I think I have been kind enough with a savage like you. It's your own head that you are holding in your hand right now. You better think twice before you say another word to me and you might as well listen to my advice: be wise about it. Do not try to test my patience.

Now, I will start the count from ten to one. You shall thank me later. I am sure of that.

Ten, nine, eight..."

Without leaving much options for them, Austin started the death count coldly.

"This man is insane. He is absolutely crazy. Sire, he asked for his own death and he shall have it! Worst case scenario, we will all die with also!

Plus, we outnumbered him significantly! Thirteen verses one, I believe that we have a chance to strike him down! Sire!"

One of the strong cultivators from Astral Realm jumped out of the crowd furiously. If his word was fire, Austin would be burned by a thousand time by now. Outrageous as he seemed, his eyes nearly spit swords.

Those cultivators from the Wolf Gang weren't any mere low strength warriors. They were the law and order to people who inhabited across this area. No one would even think of raising their voices in front of them. That was the sort of power the Wolf Gang had upon their turf and Austin was now here to challenge it. He has risked his sole existence by doing this.

Of course the men would be furious about what Austin had just said and done as no man had or would do this to them. Clearly, Austin had stepped on their territory and crossed the limits. They were ready to take on Austin, no matter what happened.

"You've made your decision it seems."

Austin broke the dead silence and shot that man with a terrifying

nced shadowed the surrounding air.

"Mark my word, this is your own choice. I gave you a chance to live yet you ditched it to the mud. I won't regret taking your lives, mind you.

You all want death, is that right? So be it. I will make sure it comes true, and in the most merciless way."

Giving them a cold yet fierce stare, Austin shook his head and prepared himself for the grand slaughter.

The atmosphere around them was approaching the climax which was heavy and solemn. Within Austin's eyes could see, they were frightened when they see what the thunder unicorn had unfold. Everything was suggesting them to make a decision as quick as possible, whether to live or die.


The thunder unicorn raised its head and raced towards the sky. Visible thunder light gathered all around its body and made the beast shine like gold. The thunder unicorn was ready to take any order from Austin and start the killing spree.

"Hold on! I give in! You own my loyalty from this moment on, sire. Till my death, you will be my only master and I am your possession."

A second before the thunder unicorn's attack, one man stood out from the crowd and lowered his head as he fell on his knees in front of Austin. He was only a moderate cultivator of the Astral Realm. Looking at the dead men lying on the ground, the whole gruesome scene played in his mind over and over again. He couldn't bear the pressure anymore and turned himself in. He wanted to live. He couldn't imagine dying a terrible death like that.

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