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   Chapter 984 Acknowledge Me As Your Master (Part Two)

Rebirth of Martial God By Wo Chi Mian Bao Characters: 6169

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However, Austin suddenly was struck with a new idea.

He planned to establish some of his own power, and the Wolf Gang in front of him could be giving him a good opportunity.

His power of spiritual sense was already equivalent to that of the powerful cultivator of the Tribulation Realm. This meant that he was much stronger than the thirteen cultivators at the Astral Realm who were in front of him.

He could easily take their spiritual orbs and control the spiritual souls to make all the thirteen cultivators at the Astral Realm his servants.

He was aware that if he really attacked them with his full strength, someone among the thirteen cultivators at the Astral Realm would surely be killed by him.

Austin controlled the huge golden light ball and released his physical strength to resist the sharp and unparalleled attacks.

At the same time, he also kept contemplating on the idea he had come up with.

Finally, he made up his mind.

Executing his plan, Austin drew back suddenly. He intended to approach his servants and the two sisters.

Then, he used his mind power to control the City with him. He made the City give out the transporting power, and sent more than 30 servants and the two sisters into the City.

After doing that, he exerted his Thunderbolt Movement Skill and galloped away to a far distance.

"Now, that guy is scared of us and wants to run away."

Seeing Austin's actions, all the thirteen cultivators of the Wolf Gang at the Astral Realm were overjoyed.

They thought that Austin could not resist their fierce attacks and was trying to slip away.

"Don't let him run away. Otherwise, if word of today's incident spreads out, our Wolf Gang will forever lose its prestige and fame in the Triangle Zone!"

The leader of the Wolf Gang shouted loudly to other cultivators and took the lead i

e fear and panic.

"Now, there are only two options left for you. One is, be prepared to be killed by that thunder unicorn.

The second option is to submit to me and acknowledge me as your master," Austin said in a cold voice.

Austin stared at the thirteen cultivators of the Wolf Gang with both his hands behind his back.

While they had been at the headquarters of the Wolf Gang, Austin did not release the thunder unicorn for a specific reason. He did not want to do it when there were so many people around.

That was because, in that palace of the ancient master, many people had seen his thunder unicorn with their own eyes.

He did not want the news that he had used the thunder unicorn in the Triangle Zone to spread.

If that happened, all the people in the South Continent of the Prime Martial World would know that he was hiding himself in the Triangle Zone.

Therefore, when considering the unfavorable situation he was faced with, Austin had to be cautious. So, he had planned to lead the thirteen cultivators of the Wolf Gang, who were at the Astral Realm, to a place where there were no other people. And seeing favorable conditions, he released his thunder unicorn to subdue them as his servants.

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