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   Chapter 983 Acknowledge Me As Your Master (Part One)

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"It looks like the real leader has appeared!"

Austin uttered calmly as his eyes fell upon the leader of the Wolf Gang.

In an instant, thirteen cultivators of the Astral Realm, including the leader of the Wolf Gang, flew to Austin and stood in front of him.

Austin had already killed two guardians of the Wolf Gang earlier, whose cultivation base was in the Astral Realm.

As of now, the Wolf Gang had a total of fifteen cultivators of the Astral Realm.

"Who the hell are you?

What is the purpose for which you have come to our Wolf Gang today?"

The leader of the Wolf Gang questioned with his eyes fixed coldly on Austin.

At that time it was evident to everyone that Austin's real power was far more than the vital energy force he displayed.

Still none of them treated Austin as a cultivator at the premium stage of Master Realm.

The wrinkles on the face of the leader of the Wolf Gang showed that he was an old man. Yet, his hair was still black, and his long beard was fluttering in the air. His eyes were as sharp as a knife as he glared at Austin. His vital energy was extremely strong, and he looked threatening and aggressive from his appearance and mannerisms.

"You don't have to know who I am.

I was just passing by from here.

I am surprised that the men of your Wolf Gang dared to provoke me. Do you know that this kind of behavior is equivalent to stepping into the den of the lion and instigating him? Now, I have to spend some of my precious time to wipe you out completely so as to teach you all a lesson.

I hope you understand my behavior. I intend to wipe out your Wolf Gang for the sake of the people,"

Austin said calmly.

Austin was so confident. It was clear that even if all the thirteen cultivators of the Astral Realm completely surrounded and encircled him, still Austin would not have panicke

It was because even a gang that dominated one small area of the Triangle Zone, such as the Wolf Gang, had such considerable power.

It was clear that there might be countless such gangs in the Triangle Zone. If those gangs came together, they would become a terrible power.

The thirteen cultivators of the Wolf Gang who were at the Astral Realm were full of killing intent. They sent out a series of powerful vital energy force, which rushed towards Austin quickly.

In response to those attacks, Austin exerted his physical strength. The moment he used his mind power, the huge golden light ball in his elixir field came out of his body. The light ball spun back and forth around his body with rumbling sound, fending off the series of violent attacks.

It was true that Austin possessed the cultivation base of vital energy and was at the premium stage of Master Realm.

However, due to the great strength of the Golden Sun Scripture, Austin had enough power to fight with those cultivators of the Astral Realm. By controlling the golden light ball, he could even gain the upper hand.

Originally, Austin wanted to release his physical strength and rush over to fight with those thirteen cultivators of the Astral Realm.

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