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   Chapter 982 Broke The Plaque (Part One)

Rebirth of Martial God By Wo Chi Mian Bao Characters: 6483

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"Right. The ones riding the red flood dragon horses are not the members of the Wolf Gang.

Plus, most of the red flood dragon horses are not carrying anything at all.

I have a bad feeling about this. My gut tells me that there is something wrong.

Give the signal and alert, everyone. Send someone to report to our leader about this! Go!"

The head of the cultivator group who guarded the gate immediately shouted after he saw what was happening.

One of the cultivators immediately reported what was happening at the gate to the other members on the mountain via Contact Jade Slip.

After a few minutes, the more than three hundred red flood dragon horses which were suspended in mid-air, suddenly flew straight towards the front gate.

"Who the hell are you?!"

The group head of the gate guards along with some other cultivators met the trespassers at the gate and asked loudly.

"This is the headquarters of the Wolf Gang. No one can enter without permission!"

The group leader warned as he stared at Austin, eyes burned with anger.

Austin looked up at the plaque which hung above the door, two large words imprinted on it: Wolf Gang.

Without thinking twice, Austin drew his Lightning Sword and zapped the plaque with three thunder and lightning sword aura.


In a blink of an eye, the upper portion of the gate blew up into pieces, and the plaque turned into ash.


The members of the Wolf Gang gasped. It happened so fast that no one was even able to react on time, shock written all over their faces.

Apparently, the trespassers were quite powerful and were not interested in any kind of negotiations with the Wolf Gang as they broke through the gates.

"You guys are about to die!"

The cultivators of the Wolf Gang suddenly came to their senses, and their group head went furiously mad with the situation.

The Wolf Gang was a well-known group for thousands of miles. They had

unstoppable wave.

All of the cultivators from the Wolf Gang that they encountered on their way, no matter how many they were, were easily killed by Austin in a flash using his sword aura. They were like just dust that was simply brushed off.

The more than thirty servants and the two sisters who followed behind him didn't even lifted their finger to join the fight.

They were merely spectators of what was going on, and simply followed Austin.

They witnessed Austin eliminate all of the members of the Wolf Gang one by one.

Despite the fact that most of them were cultivators at the Imperial Realm or even at the Master Realm, they didn't stand a chance against Austin's fierce technique.

The servants and the two sisters were all shocked at first, but they gradually accepted the fact. And eventually, they all got used to it.

Looking at Austin's figure that was full of killing intent, each of them felt that Austin was like a fighting god.

The path towards the peak was made up of different stones. The stairs composed of hundreds of steps like a long dragon lying on the mountain side. The grass and the trees flourished and the river was crystal clear.

"It quite beautiful and picturesque here. Well, it's to be expected of the headquarters of the Wolf Gang,"

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