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   Chapter 981 Break Into The Stronghold Of The Wolf Gang

Rebirth of Martial God By Wo Chi Mian Bao Characters: 7299

Updated: 2019-09-30 00:22

Tyson was stunned at Austin's answer.

He could only scratch his head, perplexed at what his master meant.

Out of the blue, a furious voice bursting with strong vital energy resounded throughout the hotel.

"Come out, you son of a bitch! How dare you lay a hand on our men!?"

The sound of horses thundering along the road and cursing voices resounded.

"Let's go have a look," Austin said to his servants.

He stood up and emerged from his room.

Under Karl's lead, over 300 members from the Wolf Gang had besieged the Cloudside Hotel.

His men kept hurling threats at Austin.

Awakened by the cacophony, the other guests hurried to open their windows, looking down in a panic.

"They're members of the Wolf Gang! Looks like someone is going to be in trouble!"

"They've always robbed and harassed tourists who pass here for years."

Inside the hotel, many guests who had heard about the Wolf Gang began murmuring information they had gleaned in low voices.

At the same time, many people near the hotel flocked there to see what was going on.

"Sir! I guess that coward is too afraid to come out,"

someone said to Karl.

"Humph! Wait here for a little while. If he still doesn't show up, we'll break in and find him ourselves.

We've already surrounded this place. I don't think he can run away,"

Karl responded with a vicious look on his face.

At this point, a middle-aged man turned up in front of the hotel, followed by more than thirty cultivators.

"What are you doing, you jerks?"

the middle-aged man asked defiantly.

It was Austin, in disguise.

"Are you that arrogant man who murdered our warriors?"

Karl stared at Austin alertly.


I just took out some weak guys. They deserved it,"

Austin replied flatly.

'Who is he? Why doesn't he fear them?'

Austin's response took the spectators by great surprise.

Karl burst into laughter at his words.

"You're really a cocky guy.

Poor little thing, I guess you haven't come here before. You obviously know nothing about our gang.

You must have no idea how we even got our name!

But it doesn't matter. Once I catch you, I will torture you with the

on patrol heard the sound of the horses' hooves striking the ground, paired with neighs in the distance.

They looked into the distance but couldn't see the riders' faces.

"It must be Karl and other guys,"

someone exclaimed cheerfully.

"I heard some reckless guy slayed many of our men today. So Karl went out to capture him.

Humph! That idiot made a huge mistake, and he is going to answer for it. Stupid fellow,"

one of the guards said scornfully.

"Looks like Karl has brought him back.

He's known as ruthless and fierce for a reason. I know he enjoys torturing others.

I remember when one poor guy who was at the Master Realm pissed him off! He refused to kill that man until he had tortured him in the cruelest ways for a month.

I still feel scared at the thought of what he must have endured.

I'm sure this stupid fellow will suffer the same fate,"

another guard chimed in.

"Hush! Have you lost your mind? If Karl heard this, you would be in a lot of trouble,"

someone immediately reminded them.

Moments later, over three hundred red flood dragon horses showed up at the gates.

"Ha-ha. It felt amazing. No wonder those guys rode them," Austin exclaimed.

Riding a horse was a very fun and liberating experience!

"Something is wrong. Look, the one who takes the lead isn't Karl. Why is he riding on Karl's horse?"

one of the guards said in confusion. Alarmed, he narrowed his eyes at Austin.

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