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   Chapter 979 The Wolf Gang Will Disappear

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"Sir, we came from the Grand Dragon Empire near the Triangle Zone.

We came here because our father, who has been badly hurt, needs some special elixirs to heal his wounds.

I heard that those elixirs could be found only in the Barren Mountain of the Triangle Zone. And so we came to the Triangle Zone together in order to find the elixirs there.

When we arrived at the Emerald City, we planned to find a hotel to settle down for one night, and we intended to hit the road the following day.

But we were not prepared for the bad men of the Wolf Gang. They said lewd things to my sister Debby. Thus, she lost her temper and cursed at them.

They then chased us, laughing wickedly!"

Emma related to Austin indignantly the trials she and her sister underwent.

Austin understood. It seemed that the Wolf Gang was a malicious group from the Emerald City.

The two girls were only at the medium stage of Imperial Realm, so it was likely dangerous for them to come to the Triangle Zone.

When Emma mentioned the Barren Mountain, Austin suddenly remembered something that he needed to do.

One of the precious and special materials for Angus to rebuild his body was located in the Barren Mountain!

It was known as a very dangerous place in the Triangle Zone.

However, there were also many kinds of rare elixirs that could only be found in the Barren Mountain.

In the past, many warriors had even found very precious high-level magic treasures and martial arts manuals in its depths.

Because of this, although its reputation was very notorious, many warriors were still attracted to go look for treasure in its hills and peaks.

"Oh, you want to go to the Barren Mountain!

I've heard that if you are lucky, you may chance upon some rare treasures.

I've been meaning to go there myself sometime too,"

Austin said with a smile.

"Sir, you're going there!"

Both girls grew very excited.

After today's traumatic experiences, they both understood that it was really too dangerous for them to walk by themselves in the Triangle Zone.

The two girls thought that the possible danger to their lives was no big deal. However, if they could not reach the Barren Mountain and collect the necessary elixirs, their father would certainly die.

Once they heard that Austin intended to go there as well, they both grew o

e Hotel, their hooves thundering on the street.

It was in the east of the Emerald City.

At this time, Austin was sitting in one of the guest rooms at the Cloudside Hotel.

Suddenly, Tyson flung the door open.

"Master, I have discovered all the information of the Wolf Gang.

They are the strongest force within tens of thousands of miles around this City.

They are led by a man named Pompeo, who is at the premium stage of Astral Realm. There are more than a dozen masters at the Astral Realm who are part of their group.

What's more, there are thousands of members in the Wolf Gang.

Outside the city today, the people who we killed for trying to rob us are also members of the Wolf Gang!"

Tyson related rapidly, a little out of breath.

"Some members are at the premium stage of Astral Realm, and there are more than a dozen masters at the Astral Realm. So this is the real strength of the Wolf Gang,"

Austin murmured.

"Well, it's time for you to go get some rest,"

Austin told Tyson.


Austin frowned. He felt something strange.

"It seems that there are some people who want to look for trouble.

It must be the Wolf Gang. How pathetic!

Oh dear, it means we won't get much rest tonight at all,"

Austin said slowly.


Master, where are we going to spend the night then?"

Tyson was a little confused.

"Tonight, we will have a fun trip to the headquarters of the Wolf Gang!

There is no need for them to exist in the world any longer,"

Austin said calmly, a steely glint in his eyes.

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