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   Chapter 978 Rescue Damsels In Distress

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Besieged by over thirty men, the two damsels who felt fear running through their veins looked desperate. It seemed like that they realized that they couldn't get away this time.

"If we get caught, we would rather die than stay alive.

And it seems to me that we have no other choice but to take our own lives.

Are you afraid, Debby?" Emma asked in her softest tone.

At the same time, she warmly held Debby's hand to keep her calm despite the obvious unrest they were both facing.

"Of course, I'm not afraid," Debby replied firmly.

Determination reflected in her eyes.

"But before I die, I'll kill one of these bastards,"

she added.

Emma nodded in agreement because it was clear to her that her sister wouldn't back down.

"You're assholes. All you do is bully the weak. We're not afraid of you," Emma shouted at the lewd men.

The two maidens glared angrily at those men, each holding a sharp sword with blood stains.

Obviously, they just had been in a tense fight.

"Turns out the two bitches are quite stubborn. Seems like they need someone to teach them how to be obedient,"

said the short man who was in-charge, as he was laughing obscenely while surveying the two fierce women in front of him.

"Boss, you will have a chance to tame the two loose women tonight. Ha-ha..."

"You're right. After boss is done, we can continue to teach them the lesson they should have learned a long time ago."

Those men aggressively burst into laughter, as if they took delight in assaulting women.

The other people along the street just stood far away from the two fearless women and observed their next move. It seemed like they were afraid of those hooligans.

As they faced the insulting remarks, the two maids felt kind of humiliated yet annoyed.

"I won't let you go, you son of a bitch," Emma huffed.

Narrowing her eyes to focus on the enemy better, she proudly wielded her sword at the short man.

In a heartbeat, she released sharp and powerful sword intents meant not only to scare but to actually injure the lewd man.

Austin could tell that the two damsels had already reached the medium stage of Imperial Realm.

'Emma has mastered level 7 sword intent. Apparently she is skillful at swordsmanship.

But that short man is at the preliminary stage of Master Realm, ' Austin thought to himself.

Watching as Emma's sword came at him, the man looked composed, never moving even an inch. He stretched out his hand of vital energy casually, ready for anything that might come his way.

The next minute, he successfully destroyed all the sword intent Emma had released. More so, he was able to snatch her sword and crushed it to pieces.

"You're too weak. How are you going to kill me?" the short man said dismissively.

He suddenly pulled Emma into his arms wi


All of them tried their best to zoom into different directions so they could leave as soon as possible.

The way Austin killed people freaked the hell out of them.

They knew that they would end up in pulps like their dead companions if they didn't escape as fast as they should.

The two women warriors were stunned as they observed what was happening.

After the overwhelming incident, they were certain that the middle-aged man had stepped up for them and saved them from the bad guys.

"Emma!" Debby cried as she threw herself into her sister's arms.

Still traumatized in spite the promise of safety, she couldn't control her tears which expressed relief and delight.

Apparently, Emma was stronger at heart. She patted her sister's back as she comforted her.

Austin stood aside to give space to the two damsels. He wanted to let them process their emotions after such a traumatic experience.

After a while, Emma and Debby took a deep breath and smiled. Both of them were now calm as the midnight ocean.

"Thank you for helping us, sir.

If it weren't for you, we could have been taken by those evil men,"

Emma said sincerely as she bowed with gratitude to Austin.

Debby's heart brimmed with thanks so she bowed to him as well.

Both maidens had snow-white skin and hour-glass figures. Men were easily distracted with their slender and petite physique. They were truly enchanting so it was easier for them to trick their male opponents.

Since they were twins clothed the same way, it was difficult for others to distinguish which one was Emma and which one was Debby.

With powerful spiritual sense, Austin could identify who Debby or Emma was just by sensing their spiritual souls.

"Please get up. It's not a big deal.

But why would you be pursued by them?"

Austin changed the topic for he was not good at those situations.

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