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   Chapter 978 The Wolf Gang

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At the command of the man dressed in black, all his followers took out their weapons. They released their martial arts skills combined with their vital energy. All of them were targeting directly at Austin and the people who were on his side.

''Well, since the Triangle Zone admires violence, I am left with no other option.

I shall confront and curb violence with violence.''

Austin stretched out his right hand and the Lightning Sword came into his hand.

The next moment, there was a crackling sound.

It thundered as it echoed through the air.

As the sound of thunder and flashes of lightning lit up the sky, Austin released over thirty sword auras which looked like dazzling electric fencing weaved by lightning. In a second, the sword auras struck Austin's enemies.

The sword auras moved 25 times faster than sound.

Crack! Crack!

As intended, Austin's sword auras killed all the enemies by slicing them into two halves. The cracking sound of the cutting of the backbone could be heard clearly.

Streams of blood sprayed all over the sky while innumerable stinking body parts fell everywhere.

All of them were killed separately, each with one sword aura that was targeted at them.

Among the cultivators killed by Austin, many of them were at the level of the Imperial Realm or even at the Master Realm.

Suddenly all around Austin there was deathly silence.

Austin had actually released over thirty sword auras. However, in the eyes of the spectators, he killed all his enemies with only one move. It seemed so because Austin's speed was too fast for them to recognize what he had done.

Everyone was stunned by the horrible scene before their eyes. They began to shiver out of fear.

It was so weird and unbelievable.

They could not believe what they had just seen. They could not accept that Austin slaughtered over thirty cultivators with only one move. And the move killed not just common cultivators but included two cultivators at the Master Realm.

The face of the man, who was dressed in black, was earlier ferocious. But now it turned pale. There was utter shock on his face. He stared at Austin fiercely and anxious. He was filled with fear that he too could become one of the corpses that were lying there.

The cultivators who were behind him also did not dare to make the slightest move.

Austin's servants were also astounded by the power of his move.

Austin showed no concern because he knew the result from the very beginning. To kill all of them so quickly was a piece of cake for Austin.

Austin wasn't surprised because earlier he also killed many cultivators at the Astral Realm, including ones at

ooked identical in terms of appearance, figure and elegance, which made it hard for people to recognize or tell the difference between them.

The twins had severe wounds and scars on their bodies and their faces had become pale.

They were bleeding from all over as their wounds were fresh. They were struggling to escape, like two frightened deer.

Their bodily movement skills were greatly limited because of the severe wounds. Their pain had made them slow down their speed.

Behind the twins was a crowd of malicious men, yelling and chasing. The distance between the men and the twins was gradually being reduced.

In that case, the twins would never be able escape their claws.

Suddenly, they started to shout and scream at each other.

''Run Debby! Leave me and go!

I'll hold them off!'' one of the twins shouted.

She turned around with a sword in her hand, ready to attack.

"No, Emma! We shall live or die together."

The other girl also stopped running and came back to her sister's side.

"Listen to me, Debby! Just run away!"

Emma became worried and concerned. She pushed Debby, her sister, meters away with her vital energy force.

''Fuck! Bitches! Are you still going to try to resist?

It's useless.

My brothers and I are going to fuck you to death tonight. You'd better save your strength,"

a short man in the crowd shouted at them.

The men who were chasing them had already caught up with them as they had slowed down in their argument.

At the command of the head, thirty lustful men blocked up the way of the twins. There was no way to escape. The men then began to insult them with vulgar and obscene words. The twins were in danger as all the men around them seemed to be craving to devour and exploit their beauty.

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